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  1. That's weird I also messed up and missed 26 out
  2. So I'll give 2 objects or food /drinks , your answer is what is the one you like better For example Chips or chocolate I would answer chocolate to that then you ask which one Sunshine or snow ??
  3. Spicy sausage
  4. I named my fish side and Nancy lol so I'm complimenting your name your folks have great taste 😉
  5. I named my fish side and Nancy lol so I'm complimenting your name your folks have great taste 😉
  6. Lavender makes me think of my granny lol My colour to you is gold
  7. I also had Pfizer but it was the first shot that done me , muscle aches head aches and no energy what so ever
  8. I had a tuna sandwich for lunch that was the last thing I ate But unfortunately it didn't look as good as this gif
  9. I scream shout panic and race to get my *****ren in school on time , that's pretty much the same scenario every day
  10. So I'm replying 14 hours later from this Q was first asked ... It is 15:51pm
  11. I have only met 1 celebrity , Bryan Adams he is lovely such a genuine guy
  12. And yeah I get it , I read my post back to my self and your right I don't quite get what I mean 😂 I must of been tired it doesn't quite make sense
  13. OK I just appreciate the fact that you don't hold back you say it how it is , when I first subed 8to 9 years ago it was that trait you have that drew me in , it was also really funny . I love the fact that you tell it how it is . Hope that makes more sense
  14. Guitar strings
  15. Not gonna lie , it was those types of videos by other you tubers that were herendous and basically you said it out loud they made me laugh
  16. I don't think I have any but my family might say different 😅
  17. I've been pretty lucky in my time I really can only think of 1 thing that if I had a bucket list I have not manage to tick off , is to visit dollywood meet Dolly parton I've been a huge fan since I was so little and maybe visit the grand ol operey. But I would be just as happy to see her concert . Jumping out of planes or bungee jumping does not appeal to me 1 bit . But health and happiness to my family and making sure they know that everyday as I lost my dad so suddenly last year that I regret not telling him enough.
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