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  1. I LOVED that video, showed it to my friend And she also loved it and made me send it to her, and she isn’t typically a fan.
  2. Almost 4 years but we broke up somewhere along the way for like a month. if that doesn’t count then around 3 years
  3. I wouldn’t call him the king but I a really vibe with Daniel Sloss. I also like the Middleditch and Schwartz improv a bunch
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 14/100 My Time 89 seconds  
  5. I refuse to give up my support for him when I’ve been shown no real evidence of anything. Yet when I say I support Onision, I’m a bad person? I’m tired of explaining to anybody that it comes up to that it doesn’t make any sense, and having people respond BASICALLY with “yeah I don’t care about the facts and screw you”. And for me it’s just annoying, I can’t imagine being the person they were a**acking directly.
  6. I think you seem awesome, and I’ve enjoyed being a fan and member of the community for awhile. You’re really cool and are very consistent. One of the most engaged people with your following and I think that’s dope. I’m glad we get to support you!
  7. Well alright I guess 😂 could definitely be worse with AHS
  8. That just means the ocean monsters have more power I’ve never actually been to a blue looking beach, and that’s awesome. I go to beaches where the whole time I’m like “is it a large rock or a horseshoe crab???” And I won’t know unless I pick it up. Need a fat shower after that. An example of a local beach
  9. The ocean just puts so much in perspective for me for whatever reason. I think it’s the giant terrifying space mixed with how natural it is for everything in the ocean to exist??? Like the realization of how small I am when I am at the ocean is wonderful. It’s calming. I hope this makes sense.
  10. my first thought was Don’t trust me 😂 also the generic songs like cotton eyed joe that we did at events
  11. It’s not a bad pain!! Just pain. I was dancing a lot last night so I’m sore. But I appreciate it. 😌 Good memory and soreness is temporary
  12. Ceramics was my all time favorite class. I also enjoyed law and society- despite the love/hate relationship I had for some of the material.
  13. If I knew they gifted something as a way of trying to be with me, no I wouldn’t keep it. I think it would make me uncomfortable. But if they were already my friend or something and gifts were something we already did then yeah. If the communication has been clear and it didn’t appear to have weird motives, then yeah.
  14. Mmmm I wouldn’t really call it a date for me if I did. Either no, or it was literally planned as a hookup. If I’m actually trying to date someone, absolutely not. For me.
  15. Binge watch shows, lots of time online, impulse projects like paint or ukulele.
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