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  1. I LOVED that video, showed it to my friend And she also loved it and made me send it to her, and she isn’t typically a fan.
  2. Almost 4 years but we broke up somewhere along the way for like a month. if that doesn’t count then around 3 years
  3. I wouldn’t call him the king but I a really vibe with Daniel Sloss. I also like the Middleditch and Schwartz improv a bunch
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 14/100 My Time 89 seconds  
  5. I refuse to give up my support for him when I’ve been shown no real evidence of anything. Yet when I say I support Onision, I’m a bad person? I’m tired of explaining to anybody that it comes up to that it doesn’t make any sense, and having people respond BASICALLY with “yeah I don’t care about the facts and screw you”. And for me it’s just annoying, I can’t imagine being the person they were a**acking directly.
  6. I think you seem awesome, and I’ve enjoyed being a fan and member of the community for awhile. You’re really cool and are very consistent. One of the most engaged people with your following and I think that’s dope. I’m glad we get to support you!
  7. Well alright I guess 😂 could definitely be worse with AHS
  8. That just means the ocean monsters have more power I’ve never actually been to a blue looking beach, and that’s awesome. I go to beaches where the whole time I’m like “is it a large rock or a horseshoe crab???” And I won’t know unless I pick it up. Need a fat shower after that. An example of a local beach
  9. The ocean just puts so much in perspective for me for whatever reason. I think it’s the giant terrifying space mixed with how natural it is for everything in the ocean to exist??? Like the realization of how small I am when I am at the ocean is wonderful. It’s calming. I hope this makes sense.
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