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  1. Onision's post in Idea for here was marked as the answer   
    "General just for random stuff that don't fit in other section" - That is here: https://www.onision.net/forum/17-miscellaneous/
    "Ideas nice put idea for site from players so that you have that in 1 place" - You mean a suggestions topic? Sure... here: 

  2. Onision's post in Donated was marked as the answer   
    Oh yeah, I see that. Thanks for contributing $15 to keep this forum funded.

    Really cool of you do so. I see you're not an Immortal yet on this forum so I'll go ahead and give you status right now.

    Thank you.
  3. Onision's post in How do u do background images was marked as the answer   
    I think if you try it again it should work now... let me know if not and thank you.
  4. Onision's post in Idea 18+ section? was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure you are allowed to talk about tobacco and drinking. It's just talk.
  5. Onision's post in Furries was marked as the answer   
    I am accepting of all? This is interesting news.

  6. Onision's post in Are you vegetarian, vegan or none? was marked as the answer   
    Right so  there's also Fruitarian, Pescatarian and a few others 😛
  7. Onision's post in Are we allowed to ask about the allegations here? was marked as the answer   
    They've already been debunked: https://www.onision.com/onision-in-real-life-documentary-debunked

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