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  1. See I never understood why people disliked FF so much.
  2. You ever notice how if you don't share the same beliefs as another person online, suddenly, for a lot of people, it is now their mission to pick apart your beliefs? Been there, done that, accomplished little. Lol.
  3. Almost same as you. Corolla 92. Bought it from my mom’s BF.
  4. I know it’s a dumb topic but I’m curious… what MPG do you get?
  5. I gotta say, it's total dog s***t. Like absolute, unforgivable, dog s***t. It was MEDIOCRE the first half, like SOMEWHAT interesting but also, it was about GENIUS writers while the actual writing for the show seemed so lazy and uncomfortable (as in, "hey someone who is socially inept must have wrote this because they don't even remotely understand how people really talk to each other"). NOW I KNOW a lot of people online just crap on things and almost never say anything good so I want to make sure you understand AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 1 WAS AMAZING/GREAT. So considering I know what GOOD looks like, use that as your baseline. Most every season was good in AHS except for "CULT" --- and as far as "CULT" goes, it's actually better than the current mess. If you have not seen it, here is a summary of the most recent episodes: 1. Bad, nonsense/contextually illogical and overused exploding head effects. 2. Really dumb/lame background music. 3. The most t*rrible actors you can imagine for the "in color" segment of the show. (the black and white segment is... ok, but really bad impersonators of presidents are there as well) 4. SPONTANEOUSLY PREGNANT CIS MALES... WHAT? 5. Obvious attempts to appeal to GEN Z. Anyway, if you like it, go ahead, argue. Lol.Z
  6. Lol... yeah no, this is why we can't have nice things --- it turned into a whole crazy conspiracy theory that I want no part of. Glad they helped you tho!
  7. Allegedly one of my Uncles found a body regarding the Green River deal.
  8. Well I got the sniffles so 10/10 lol
  9. Admin

    I'm Back

    I guess I gotta do a 10 things soon.
  10. Admin

    I'm Back

    You can run, or you can face challenges & grow.
  11. Industrial type techno is where it's at 😛
  12. I mean thank you 🙂 I'm lucky to be liked!
  13. Dear God... calling someone the devil while acting like demons themselves.
  14. The desire for revenge hurts you before it ever gets to anyone else.
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