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  1. Never again. Would you rather eat the best ice cream in the world or hug the nicest person in the world?
  2. We could all help out others more. Thinking only of yourself is like a spiral that goes nowhere sometimes.
  3. It blows my mind how a lot people consistently fail to see how serious this is. Really sad Mr Powell passed. At least he was older but going that way is so unfair.
  4. So I get sad for seemingly no reason a lot... like, my first real plummet into depression happened Nov 14, 2007... it was... crazy how far it got... but ever since, I've just been... going back to this dark place... where I feel so sad and I don't know exactly why in the sense that it's not like there is one thing on my mind pulling me down. I guess it could kind of be like... I got really wounded, and haven't healed... and the sadness... while I don't think about how it happened in the first place, I still feel the left overs of what happened before... Thing is, this pain... I tried a medicine recently that got rid of that feeling pretty fast... it lasted for a few hours and... well... I kinda missed the feeling... that sinking sensation in your chest, that feeling that you're going to break down crying... that feeling that you're falling apart. I've had that feeling for so long that I feel like... without it... I'm not even really alive... as if in my current mental state of meaninglessness... when I lose that sorrow... not only do I still feel things are meaningless, but I don't even feel sad about it anymore... so it's just meaningless absent of sadness... and what is that? That is even worse... because at least when you're sad, you know you have something of value, and that is feeling... raw, deep, sinking... heavy weighted depression holding you down, keeping you grounded. It's so complicated that even reading my own thoughts... I would struggle to understand if I wasn't living it. Anyway... do you ever get sad for no reason? Have you ever felt like sadness wasn't the enemy after all?
  5. It’s a great show. I love how weird and interesting it is… I am having trouble understanding the latest season tho.
  6. Probably one of my favorite places to live was on 100 Gold Ave or… street… in Albuquerque NM. Life was very chill there. Fancy place to live at the time.
  7. As a person who is actively going to therapy - it is often not harmful to do so - additionally, it can actually strengthen your position the next time someone suggests it. What I mean is, if you speak with a therapist & they say you are mentally sound - the next person who says “get therapy” will be, likely, invalid - and probably, likely, just gaslighting you. In other words, why not prove them wrong?
  8. Memories are so powerful and awesome that way.
  9. Yeah if you go to news.Google.com and search “youtuber COVID” you will find some upsetting stuff about people who decided not to get vaccinated.
  10. So I guess Bashurverse passed away from COVID. It appears he was not vaccinated. Are any of you still unvaccinated? Apparently the Delta variant is worse, and those unvaccinated are getting hit really hard as the virus is evolving?
  11. I uploaded an animation-type thing today.
    • One Right Answer
    • 10 minutes
    • 13 Questions
    • 8 Players
    This is the quiz that will help you find out if you're gay. Yay! A HIGHER score (60% or higher) probably means you're quite gay!
  12. "h**l hath no fury like a woman scorned" (that means a woman you reject) Same often applies to men. Rejection, for a lot of people, especially those who are messed up, doesn't translate to "I should improve" but instead, "They wronged me because they rejected me" --- it's an endless cycle and mentality with some folks so... you gotta just be careful who you talk to in the first place. With some people, no matter what you do, you can never be the good person to them, not if you don't want to be around them.
  13. He also said “The iPhone 13 is all hype. I’m sticking with the earlier model.” - Jesus Christ, 2021 AD
  14. Have you used CBD oil? How did it help or not help you? Some say it eliminates anxiety… which is cool.
  15. If you Google your car make/model and add MPG, you'll know.
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