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  1. It's funny how expensive you can make your computer, but something a fraction of the price can do pretty much the same things as all that hardware is designed for specific tasks people often never do.
  2. Should be less than a week... yo mine was chill AF, I did it awake and didn't use any of the d***s they gave me ~ I'm so cool guys, look at me guys.
  4. Yup, just kinda chillin there. It was a very weird experience
  5. I came across a flipped Semi Truck near Oklahoma... you ever see something like this?
  6. Loving some of the songs you guys mentioned... Organic Man is also a favorite of mine... :)
    The writing was, sloppy feeling, at multiple points as far as the overall storyline went. There was no feeling of doubt that it would be a "happy ending" and basically as a viewer, I didn't really relate with the movie or feel like I had anything invested in most any character winning or losing due to the fact that the main character is... kinda lame/boring/not really easy to understand or really, inspiring at all. There's just not a whole lot that I love about any character in the movie and even Venom himself got kinda annoying with the bad jokes and constant chatter. Basically I wished they went the normal Marvel route of inserting well-adjusted humor and added depth to the characters, real depth. I feel like this movie isn't going to do as well as the previous one, box-office wise, and it feels kinda like they're going in the direction of John Wick, where the first one is awesome, and the ones that follow are... cheesy.
  7. After finding a host body in investigative reporter Eddie Brock, the alien symbiote must face a new enemy, Carnage, the alter ego of serial ki**er Cletus Kasady. Release date: October 1, 2021 (USA) Director: Andy Serkis Story by: Tom Hardy; Kelly Marcel Music by: Marco Beltrami Budget: $110 million Cinematography: Robert Richardson
  8. I don't like being rude. You gotta do what does not make you feel rude when the other person is being perfectly nice.
  9. Thinking about how nice that art is.
  10. Just woke up, about to get my day goin.
  11. I LOVE IT WHEN OLDER PEOPLE TALK TO ME OMG ❤️ I feel like "Woah? I'm worth your time? Cool!" --- I need more of that wisdom in my life.
  12. Just another day, having fun, out and about.
  13. After you've posted 3 times (which I think you have) you should be able to alter your avatar.
  14. Oh… well that is a really new concept to me. Thanks for sharing your story.
  15. I think your best bet is to not rely on anyone being there for you. Take command of your life you know?
  16. What are you going to do once you graduate? mmm... a lot of us probably have more friends than we think we do
  17. How does one find themselves doing this? Like... does a car collide with it and you run out in the falling water? Or... you bring a wrench with you to unleash it? I'm very... interested to know.
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