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  1. To break me down to my core motivation: I observed something/know something - so I shared that long history of observation/knowledge on the issue. What people do is up to them. I can't expect people to listen or change --- all I can do is say what's true, and let the rest be handled by the slippery hands of human ego.
  2. Some of you may have missed this, but Eugenia Cooney is apparently still a hot topic according to the Tweets from Keemstar and other YouTubers... right now Keemstar seems to have the position that Eugenia Cooney is just this helpless person who is the target of unjustified criticism --- Now for the live stream where multiple people came forward saying Eugenia Cooney helped put them in the hospital: The general concept is this: If a YouTuber is a driving force behind countless people winding up in the hospital, the YouTube staff should review their content and take responsibility. This was never really a matter of debate. Eugenia Cooney has caused countless people to wind up in the hospital due to her highly disturbing videos where she glorifies starvation. Not sure why Keemstar finds it appropriate to play Devil's advocate here when lives are at stake. You don't need to look for more than seconds to find countless people who have suffered because of Eugenia Cooney's very public pro-*** lifestyle. In fact on this very forum there are people who have starved themselves in the past due to Eugenia promoting fasting/self-directed EDs. Anyway... someone had to say it. A lot of the people criticizing Eugenia Cooney who are now getting in trouble with Keemstar over it, were heavy critics of the Onision channels in the past --- but guess what? That doesn't make them wrong. Eugenia Cooney is a serious danger, a real danger, a person who fueled the hospitalization of countless people (Just read her comments extensively - thousands of people saying they find her starved body inspiring? Having that body cuts 25 years off your life, average.) Jaclyn Glenn was right to have Eugenia Cooney put in rehab, now Jaclyn Glenn is demonized for it? Why? Because the professionals agreed with Jaclyn... are all of you smarter than licensed professionals? Typical internet. Again, these people are not friends of the Onision channels, but that doesn't mean I have to sit here and say they can never be right. Pretty much EVERYONE who criticized Eugenia is right to criticize her. No question in my mind, she is one of the most lethal/dangerous creators on the platform. But don't take my word for it - ask around, look around, see how many people were inspired to literally starve themselves because of her flaunting her starved body in front of them. Everyone wishes Eugenia well, but Eugenia wishes no one well, not so long as she's triggering them to harm themselves as she consistently and relentlessly does every other video and Instagram she releases. I don't care if you don't think humans should joke about serious issues. Live in the real world. See the light and the dark. Appreciate the night and the day, see the world for what it is, all of it.
  3. Lol... you get it... the more we argue, the more people get mad at us... so what do you do? You figure out that humans love being right and hate being wrong... so how can you pretty much always win? By letting them believe what they like, and claiming your peace by being one of the few people who can actually swallow their ego - and let go of the idea that other people need to understand/see things the way they are. I've seen people argue and fight things for years. They weren't happy when they started, and because they never stopped, they still were not happy. "Talk less, smile more..."
  4. 1. I've heard of people transitioning, then transitioning back... why does this happen? 2. If transgenderism is a mental illness, why do people feel it is necessary to target transgender people and tell them they're not valid? Isn't this just bullying the mentally ill? 3. Have you noticed how few voices on the issue seem to understand that XX vs XY is completely different than GIRL vs BOY, and that gender is a social construct rather than a scientific categorization? Hahaha... ugh. What? It's cool.
  5. See, I find the more I argue with people, the more angry they get. It's like people just want you to agree and that's it... so what do you do? Someone has to be the bigger person... otherwise you just keep fighting with different people forever. Humans almost always want to be right... so I say let them. I'm not really interested in arguing right now... and I don't want to argue in the future... So... I mean if I truly want to start this policy of "no arguing because that will just make them want to hurt you" I guess that means that you do you --- argue with whoever you like, but I'm going to try and argue with people a whole lot less. I mean think about it... what percent of the arguments you have, actually end with the other person saying "You're right, I'm sorry." Haha... humans.
  6. 1. When you argue with your partner, or past partners... what was it most commonly about? 2. Do you think arguing is worth it? 3. Would everyone be better off if people just talked less when they were upset? Just wondering your opinions on this ๐Ÿ˜‹ ROFL
  7. How are there only 29? Is the UK the size of Montana?
  8. I think being in a relationship with an adult doll is pretty much the only way to go. Lol. Or you could be with this: No thanks.
  9. The status below me looks like an ad. Lol.

  10. My dream last night was so ridiculous that I'm actually offended I was even asked. Lol.
  11. Yours is funny because it looks like you rejected almost everything lol... ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is mine... should serve as no surprise.
  12. Yup. You reject people, kick them out of your life abruptly, a lot of them will want to get back at you. And oh boy does it sting.
  13. Would you mind starting a topic about what living in Japan is like? Why is that dumb? At least it's not a degree in music or something that doesn't even need a degree to do. Lol. As I understand, your degree is plenty applicable to the real world, especially with the attachment of Business Writing.
  14. Ok, changes made ๐Ÿ™‚

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