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  1. Allegedly one of my Uncles found a body regarding the Green River deal.
  2. Well I got the sniffles so 10/10 lol
  3. Onision

    I'm Back

    I guess I gotta do a 10 things soon.
  4. Onision

    I'm Back

    You can run, or you can face challenges & grow.
  5. Industrial type techno is where it's at 😛
  6. I mean thank you 🙂 I'm lucky to be liked!
  7. Dear God... calling someone the devil while acting like demons themselves.
  8. The desire for revenge hurts you before it ever gets to anyone else.
  9. I feel like alcohol is the easiest thing to smell on someone's breath... it's like... you know... rotten afterall. Right?
  10. Brought the box back 🙂

  11. There may be a duplicate --- you can try and login to the original to see if it still works. Recently Oni.Red members were imported to this site.
  12. I love reasonable amounts of water.
  13. I guess most people liked it: I haven't seen it yet... will soon.
  14. Weird... TikTok is being glitchy for me.
  15. Yup... we did great things.
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