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  1. Sounds great 🙂 Instagram is great... I think Facebook was rated like one of the worst social media sites to be on though.
  2. Pretty much one of the funniest videos on the internet... it's pretty impossible to not laugh at: If you know of a funny video, please share!!
  3. The other day, I set my phone down for a bit, and actually opened a book... I started reading it and was like "OMG, what is this magic???" Maybe, if you want, try setting down your phone, and look around your house... look for things that you have not taken a look at in a really long time - and maybe try to interact with that, remind yourself why you have it.
  4. Hahaha! Broken me... ugh 😛 The reason I haven't been "Broken" is because I've always been a loner - I don't need friends, I don't need to be validated or accepted... I'm an outsider, and I create first and foremost for myself... so if everyone hates me, ok... or if everyone stops watching me... ok... I'm still happy with myself and what I create - it makes me smile and laugh.
  5. Have you caught up with SwiftKarateChop? Things got weird 😛 MakeMeBad stopped posting videos too... got on with their lives and such.
  6. That sounds like a relaxed job, just hanging out, helping them when they need it.
  7. Oh well cool, because I plan to do more 🙂
  8. Have you ever taken a break? You know... to see what life is like without it for a few days?
  9. Please post a link to a video from one of your favorite YouTubers below... I have a favorite:
  10. Who is your favorite YouTuber?
  11. First off... here is the most recent OnisionSpeaks video: I plan to do more videos like this because I simply wish to rage against the machine. Like... there are so many things I find frustrating and just being mad about it doesn't help - so I want to turn it into comedy 🙂 Anyway, do you have a favorite Onision video type? Or just video type in general? Why is that your favorite?
  12. I'm really curious to find out what people's jobs are so... what's yours? Or if you go to college, what is your major?
  13. Are you gay? Straight? Or something else? I'm pretty sure I'm Pan... I just... don't want to be specific as I feel like attraction to men or women is more complicated than a black and white approach.
  14. Awesome, that's pretty much the best use.
  15. In the 2020 election, who did you vote for? Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Why?
  16. Love a specific GIF? Post yours below 🙂
  17. That was from OnisionFans.com, a recent blog post... how do you feel about social media? How has it impacted you?
  18. For me, Rick & Morty is just too amazing to ignore you know? I really... I really *buuuurrrrrrrrrghhhhhh* like that show Morty. How about you Morty? What show do you like?
  19. What are your feelings on this? I personally think both have real potential to be scary.
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