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  1. Hope you feel better soon... I've noticed I haven't been upset as a result of trying to do nice things for myself more... I'm still really really depressed, but at least I'm being my own friend.
  2. Keeping it real dog.
  3. It's funny how people know there could be a disaster any day now and still live where they do --- like New Orleans, bro.
  4. Of course, really nice guy from everything I've seen --- Sigh.
  5. The expansion pack was kinda... I donno, it felt lacking. I wish there was more mini games tho. The minigame they have in the expansion was great.
  6. I wish they spoke English everywhere - I'd be more inclined to travel. When I don't speak someone's language I feel stupid... lol.
  7. Summer is almost over now, but I spent a lot of time outside... and by that I mean at least an hour. Lol
  8. ...well, you paid $700, so you're going to probably get a sub par model --- also, the oversized chest is... WHAAAA? Gotta get in the way lol.
  9. Yeah like if people said Jim Carey Was a monster I'd be like: No you're a monster. IN FACT people have gone after Jim for some rumor and I'm like "That's BS" because it's gotta be and I love Jim.
  10. Any of y'all try Zevia? You should ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. It's really funny if you stop at 20 seconds: Then it gets weeeeeiiiird
  12. This is not my dream home... it looks stupid and I wanted to make fun of it:
  13. So far I've set up a badminton net so my loved ones can play with it - I guess that's nice.
  14. More school = more pay (more often than not) I feel it would be nice if most all jobs paid the same though - so people who worked them would actually care about it and not just the money.
  15. Today doesn't feel to emotional, but it might be, who knows.
  16. Hi Amanda, is it flooded where you are?
  17. Yeah I was about to say - you do nice stuff for me all the time ๐Ÿ™‚
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