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  1. The writing was, sloppy feeling, at multiple points as far as the overall storyline went. There was no feeling of doubt that it would be a "happy ending" and basically as a viewer, I didn't really relate with the movie or feel like I had anything invested in most any character winning or losing due to the fact that the main character is... kinda lame/boring/not really easy to understand or really, inspiring at all.

    There's just not a whole lot that I love about any character in the movie and even Venom himself got kinda annoying with the bad jokes and constant chatter.

    Basically I wished they went the normal Marvel route of inserting well-adjusted humor and added depth to the characters, real depth.

    I feel like this movie isn't going to do as well as the previous one, box-office wise, and it feels kinda like they're going in the direction of John Wick, where the first one is awesome, and the ones that follow are... cheesy.

  2. The storyline was really sketchy, as in, a lot of things did not add up, and the conclusion was not very satisfying. It was nice to see some of the classic actors show up but, there were some characters that were so dateable and the things they made that k*d in the show do, was just deeply upsetting.

    Overall, it was pretty quality, but ironically, the writing was lacking, and the subject was mostly about people becoming amazing writers by taking d***s... like what? Where were your d***s when you wrote this?

    Final Fantasy VII

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    This is literally... top 3 favorite video games of all time... I specifically love the battle system, the material system, and the characters/plot. Really love pretty much everything about it.


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    I was actually really bored during the middle of this movie... caught myself repeatedly staring at my phone, not really wanting to watch the film. The intro was pretty interesting, and the end, the end is what saved the film.

    Basically it all comes full circle and makes the boring middle of the movie worth it.

    I really like how the story was really deep, well thought out and comes together at the end. "All is well that ends well."


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    The "being more efficient walking backwards" and "random super strength" and "my brain has eyes and teeth" and "oh yeah vocal chords too" thing kinda ruined it for me... basically the fact that this scenario is totally impossible and just icky made this movie kinda s*ck to me.

    You can watch it on HBO or in theatres... I saw it on HBO and... skipped through the middle part because I lost interest. At the end, I was like "Oh cool" then 2 seconds later I was like "Wait no, this is dumb." and that was it... haha.

    It was well-made, but the concept s*cked so there's not much more to it.

    Free Guy

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    This movie had a really good concept, great actors and what not... but then you put in the YouTubers and that kinda ki**ed it for me. The YouTubers and Twitch streamers had nothing of value to add. No cool personalities or anything really... just a bunch of boring people making dumb comments on what was happening during the movie - and they kept using the same boring/dumb Twitch/YouTube streamers over and over again to comment on what was happening while making comments that literally someone who barely speaks English who knows nothing of video game commentary could make.

    There was ONE commenter who DID add to the story, who was acting like a gamer, and that of course was someone who was basically imitating all the YouTubers and Twitch streamers only doing it in a FUNNY way that actually added something to the story. (in other words, the best commentator in the movie, wasn't even a commentator, it was the only dude they paid to ACT like a gamer and did a way better job than the actual gamers)

    What I mean is...

    The Twitch & YouTube streamers commentary examples: "OMG WOW!" "WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS YOU GUYS!" "WHAT IS GOING ON!?"

    The actor playing the role of gamer, only actually entertaining while doing it: Gets in fight with his mom, is comedically a pathetic gamer stereotype which is actually funny.

    What I'm saying is, this movie would have been better with actors pretending to be streamers - because streamers are more often than not, lame as h**l and only are popular because they fit that "popular guy in school" vibe --- that popular guy in school? Often as interesting as watching mold grow in real time.

    WITH THAT BEING SAID, if they featured LeafyIsHere, Nathan Barnatt or pretty much any famous actor pretending to be a streamer, that would be awesome because they would actually all be thinking "What can I say that's funny?" not "I'm here, I'm famous, where's my check" ~

    Also that due who wears the sunglasses? Dr... Disrespect? He would have been great... what the heck where was he?

    You just picked a bunch of pastel "cool k***s club" streamers --- vomit.

    I would have been cool with Markiplier, but they didn't even pick him, why? He's all around awesome. Instead you included Jack Septic Eye? The dude who constantly drops the F-Bomb knowing primarily 10 year olds watch him? The guy whose only interesting hook is he sounds weird & exploits his cultural background in an exaggerated way for money? The rest is just obviously/dumbed down rambling filler?

    Uuuuugh, F-Gen Z.

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    American Horror Stories

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    The first episode was upsetting due to age hypocrisies, not sure why they showed us the scenes they did. The actor is 20-something but she was playing 16, and that was disturbing considering all they did - in a society that freaks out at the slightest thing, what even?

    As far as acting, pretty much half the cast should not have been there. Pretty t*rrible actors.

    Story line? Got completely out of control repeatedly - and the director obviously was not very good either - reminded me of YouTube movies.

    Once I got to the 3rd episode it just felt like trash that I was wasting my time with - they were trying really hard to appeal to a younger audience, which is messed up because a younger audience shouldn't be watching this.

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  3. I played Age of Empires I and II way back in the day... I then moved on to AOE 3 and that was a great experience as well.

    One of my friends asked me to play this with them recently, so bought the update version and was overwhelmed with the improvements...

    For those of you who don't know, here are some cheat codes (which are my FAVORITE ones to use)

    "ninjalui" (100,000 of all resources)
    "aegis" (enables instant build)
    "how do you turn this on" (spawns 007-type car that shoots machine guns)
    "catzor" (spawns cat on sharks back that shoots missiles?)
    "Going Above and Beyond" (you can now stack builds up to 256 times... essentially making you unbeatable... WTF!?)

    Anyway, with those cheat codes, it's basically the best Strategy Game experience ever. So in love with this game.

    A Quiet Place 2

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    I felt like this film was a pretty good sequel but it felt a lot like a low-budget movie in the sense that not a whole lot of really cool CGI stuff happened, and... well, kinda reminded me of the M Night approach. A lot of it is about human emotion and the creatures are often not a center of attention. This is a smart strategy for film, and it's generally a great way to go about avoiding heavy CGI costs but it just would have been nice to see a wider perspective of the total destruction more consistently.

    Being limited to the very few actors in the film makes it kinda... get boring. The first film was interesting because everything was new, but this was like a 1.5 sequel in my opinion... not so much a full blown full movie of it's own. Almost like an intermission story to get back to the intensity of it all.

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    The Tomorrow War

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    Maybe I'm just a s*cker for Chris Pratt but I thought his acting was awesome. I thought the movie was relatable and fun. The creatures they thought were a bit creepy, like not at all "cool" aliens... kinda lame really, but whatever.

    Overall the whole story didn't have too many issues, flowed pretty well, and ended in a cool way too.

    Shane Dawson

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    An exceptionally long time ago, approximately 10 years, Shane Dawson was at the height of his career in the sense that he was one of the most subscribed YouTubers on all of YouTube. He made comedy sketches, music videos & daily vlogs.

    After the YouTube algorithm changed, Shane shifted to creating long-form content, and as a result, he stayed relevant. His content however was no longer based on quality or substance, rather simply keeping the audience's attention long enough to please the YouTube staff's automation standards.

    This review is going to focus on Shane Dawson prior to the cancellation of his channels and prior to the algorithm shift.

    Shane's music videos were basically awesome in the sense that he always put significant effort into them, and they were often well thought out. However, Shane’s comedy sketches were hit and miss. Some of his videos, he had put a lot of effort into them, and others would feel like he had to smash som*thing together fast in hopes of making whatever deadline he set for himself on a self-employed person's schedule.

    As far as his contribution to YouTube, the level of impact he had, and the power he had over his fans was simply immeasurable. The fandom was overwhelming, and anyone associated with Shane would find themselves gaining thousands to hundreds of thousands of subscribers overnight just by collaborating with him.

    Shane would collaborate with tons of YouTubers whenever he got the chance. He was incredibly social and almost always seemed happy and inspired in the videos he took part in.

    Shane's background story is also inspiring, he was a fat, not-so-popular boy in high school, and I mean, fat. He had to get surgery at some point because according to him, his weight and weight loss caused so many problems, doctors had to correct his internal organs just to make sure he could live a normal life.

    Around the time of his surgery is the first time Shane collaborated with me, Onision. The video we did together was called "Rhianna Is an Animal?" and we did the video together because he felt that I, Onision, was such a similar-looking person, that I could replace him while he recovered from surgery.

    This was an example of a video that Shane did not put much effort into, and it makes sense why he did not, because he was recovering from surgery, of course.

    Shane would always say "I love you" to his fans in his videos, he would cry on camera to connect with his audience and show what he wanted people to view as genuine behavior. The reality is, none of us really know what is going on in Shane Dawson's head, or why he did the things he did.

    On top of being once the unpopular fat boy in school, he also had enormous, insurmountable struggles when he was young. The amount of psychological stress he had to endure throughout most of his young life is som*thing most of us can never understand.

    From everything I have ever seen, Shane Dawson has been kind to most everyone in his life. There are people like me, Comic Fire and some random other angry white guy who have had issues with Shane, but that did not even put a blemish on Shane's overall incredibly positive impact on his audience.

    Despite all the serious issues going on, from Shane's youth to now, he still could make some entertaining videos, and was a YouTuber I would not consider replacing or removing from memory.

    Eugenia Cooney

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    I've been following Eugenia Cooney's content for a very long time. Brace yourselves, this review is going to be incredibly honest, that means no sugar-coating anything nor will there be an attempt to cause a spectacle. Just the truth.

    Eugenia Cooney is well-known to be an incredibly pleasant person, someone you could have a conversation with, and walk away feeling pretty good about it. Eugenia's videos are centered on outfits, video game playing and pop culture.

    There is a massive cloud hovering over Eugenia Cooney and her channel, and at this point it is a relatively undeniable force.

    Many people have come forward stating that Eugenia Cooney caused them, as a young person, to avoid eating food, sometimes to the extent where they will wind up in the hospital.

    Some people who came forward were aunts, some were sisters and most of the rest were people who had actually been hospitalized themselves.

    Individuals have claimed that Eugenia Cooney inspired people they knew to push it so far that they no longer could survive.

    Here's the reality check however, some people are not honest, not every person who says som*thing about Eugenia Cooney is necessarily telling the truth, however in an OnisionSpeaks stream that occurred May 2021, random people were polled live in front of the OnisionSpeaks audience, and half of them had admitted they themselves were impacted in a way that put their own lives at stake, if not at the very least their health and way of life.

    What it comes down to, is a question: If Eugenia Cooney has hundreds of thousands of people expressing that there is an issue, and hundreds if not thousands of people coming forward and stating that they were put in the hospital because of Eugenia Cooney's videos, who are we to condone it? Why do we allow the behavior expressed in those videos to continue?

    Eugenia is a person who is going through incredible hardship with her condition, however you have to ask yourself, should that condition not only cause her to struggle, but her countless fans as well?

    People like to reference the younger group of her fans, yet the reality is, adults can experience issues related to eating as well. This is not just an age-group matter, it is the entire community surrounding the videos that so many people have admitted caused them to directly create disruption in their own health/well-being.

    You might ask yourself: "And for what?"

    The videos Eugenia makes, try on haul videos? Those are made by numerous YouTubers. Gaming videos? Even more YouTubers make those as well. So what unique gift is Eugenia bringing to the YouTube community outside widespread cause for alarm in the numerous people pleading for her to get help while others wind up in hospital beds?

    A YouTuber who went through som*thing Eugenia continues to go through passed on. I mean this quite literally. A YouTuber who looked like they were in better condition health-wise, had the same condition as Eugenia, and they are no longer with the living. The condition claimed them, which makes this matter so incredibly real.

    Things got so bad at one point that Eugenia Cooney was confronted by Jaclyn Glenn and professionals took Eugenia away. Eugenia is the same as if not in worse shape than when she was originally detained.

    When Jaclyn confronted Eugenia, she had to make a recovery, but like many who go through what she has, she went right back to her old ways. She continued making videos causing more hospitalizations of her audience members, and no one in an official position seems to be batting an eye at it.

    All we at Onision.net can really say at this point is... we wish for the best.

    So many of us, especially Jaclyn Glenn, did what we could to get Eugenia Cooney help, we tried to educate her audience, but now, Eugenia remains the most health-disrupting channels on all of YouTube. No, OJ Simpson Tweeting is not going to impact anyone really, Kevin Spacey making movies again isn't really a cause for any alarm to pretty much anyone, those are just examples of media hype and disproportion in reaction.

    What's real, is the under-reaction people in positions of power have had to Eugenia Cooney. It's like focusing on how many people got bitten by a shark last year, and ignoring how many people passed on because of heart disease. The numbers are staggering, yet we only pay attention to the sharks, because while the shark incidents in the ocean are few, they're much more interesting than the slow process Eugenia fans and Eugenia Cooney herself are enduring as a result of numerous factors in their minds and in front of their eyes.

    To everyone reading, be well, take care of yourselves and each other and remember, it's not how you look, it's how you feel and what the doctor recommends - that is what matters.

    Anyone worth anything will not judge you for how you look, in fact, they'll love you more for who you are than what the scale says if they are truly meant for you.

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    Among Us

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    Among Us is a video game where you join up with strangers or friends, you each pick a different colored character and then you run around a space ship or alternative level in a 2 dimensional world trying to fix numerous issues, and complete various tasks before one to three people in the group successfully end the lives of most everyone else on the ship.

    The core concept of the game reminds me of this Werewolf game where everyone is handed cards and you try to figure out essentially, who the heck is the werewolf in the group. If you want to check this game out, it's actually incredible and in my opinion much better than Among Us: https://amzn.to/3v8dPiq

    In the "Ultimate Werewolf" game, you can look each other in the face and ask each other questions to decide who is the danger to the other game players. Thing is, in Ultimate Werewolf you also have special abilities and secret allies. Meanwhile Among Us? Very very boring abilities and very uninteresting roles to play. You're either the person hunting everyone else down, or the hunted. No in-between and that makes the game painfully boring.

    If the company behind Among Us wants to make the game more interesting, they have to actually give the individual crew mates individual abilities. For instance one crew mate could have the ability to detect the moment someone is downed by the Imposter. Another person could be a body detector, have a general censor to find out where bodies are to help them resolve issues faster. Another crew mate could have the power of completing other people's tasks when they are done with their own and so on, there are enormous possibilities and it would make the game so much more playable.

    My experience playing Among Us is that you are so often and repeatedly placed as a crew mate that you could play a 10 round game and never once find yourself being the imposter. This is why the imposter should have the option of allies, but not necessarily people who can harm any crew mates. For example, an ally of an Imposter could tie up or otherwise bind crew mates for the Imposters to later find. There could also be a crew mate who has the ability to fight off Imposters. You would have this modification of the game to make it far less boring and far less likely you get the same role over and over again.

    I played a game once, 6 rounds where I was a crew mate every time and another player was the imposter 3 times... seriously? It is so lame to just run around, waiting to get clipped and me being normally a popular target because it's hilarious to take my character out as I generally run the servers, I'm just a sitting duck.

    Long story short, the game is really fun at first, but with disproportion and almost no imagination, the game gets dry really fast.

    A lot of folks think Among Us is great, probably mostly because they've never played Ultimate Werewolf in real life and don't remember what it's like to actually solve a mystery with the person physically in front of you, or maybe they just like the simplicity and repetition of the game that never seems to evolve or add any real surprises.

    But ultimately, if the game doesn't get an update that adds a new element or fixes the issue of making the same people the Imposters over and over, why would I want to ever play it again? Why does anyone?

    The Boys (Season 1 & 2)

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    The Boys begins with a young man and his girlfriend. The girlfriend is accidentally destroyed by a super-fast hero who, without sincere remorse, runs off after the young man realizes what just happened.

    People expect the young man to move on, but he cannot. What happened to his girlfriend, the superhero demolishing her just because she was in his path, a person who did nothing wrong to him, the young man could not let this slide. That man was named Hughie, the true hero of the story.

    As the story progresses you follow Hughie's desire for justice and the events that he endures because of his ambition. Along comes the beautiful/stunning Annie, who could... I guess fry people with light. It is kinda confusing, but she can essentially clear a room just by exploding herself with a burst of energy.

    Hughie and Annie eventually cross paths after Annie goes through a seriously upsetting event with the "Seven" a superhero squad that recruited her. One of the team members of the Seven is removed after Annie fights back and makes it obvious what happened to her at the hands of one of the Seven's top members (debatable really).

    As far as quality of the show, it is through the roof. The production value, the costumes, the unique characters, and depth to them, it goes beyond what I am used to watching.

    My favorite character so far is called Homelander. Homelander is essentially this dimension's version of Superman, super strength, flight, laser eyes, the whole thing. Essentially Homelander was once human, but he was recruited, and put in a lab, which naturally messed up his psyche and explains pretty much everything he does in the show, including his obvious god-complex behavior.

    Out of every superhero TV show I have seen, The Boys is the best. The only show that would compete with this might be the animated Justice League (which is not that close) and WandaVision (a pretty darn good show too).

    Overall, I do not want to ruin too much, but expect a lot of content designed exclusively for grownups, a lot of content derived from real life and a whole lot of disappointment because they do not always let who you want to win, win. In fact, it is often the opposite.

    There is also a show on Amazon called "Invincible" that people might want to compare to this. Thing is, The Boys is way better. Comparing Invincible to The Boys is like comparing The Witcher to Game of Thrones. Come on.


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    Invincible (Season 1)

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    This review does have spoilers so please do not read if you are not wanting to risk ruining it. Alright.

    Invincible is a show you can watch on Amazon Prime where a young man grows up with a superhero as a father, problem is, his father is the main villain of the story, posing as a hero. The father wipes out all the most powerful heroes on Earth to prepare the Earth for domination of his own species, and of course, that makes no sense at all.

    If he by himself can take out the superheroes, what's the point of taking them out to prepare for invasion? Why not just leave them alone until your species decides to invade?

    Throughout the story, Omni-man (the main character, Invincible's dad) tends to clash with his father philosophically. The father seems to strongly believe that humans are a waste of time and even looks down on his own wife, as if she is pretty much nothing to him.

    Omni-man is constantly eliminating people without any sympathy for them as he views himself as a god and the son simply does not agree because he himself was raised by a human and has many human friends.

    This animation is loaded with messed up images and internal body parts exploding. A few things low-key scarred me a bit, like when Omni-man destroyed the mega-fast guy... yikes. Squeezed his head like a melon, do not like.

    Overall, the story-line offers a lot of depth, a lot of things I didn't expect and I was generally happy to see a different approach to superheroes. I would say it's one of my favorite new animations, but there are some seriously off things about the show as well. Quite a great example of bitter-sweet entertainment.


    Bo Burnham: Inside

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    Bo Burnham apparently dedicated a year of his life to making a stand-up special, which personally I find to be an incredibly disappointing reality. The reason I'm not impressed is because essentially what Bo did was make a series of YouTube-style music videos and called it a Netflix Comedy Special... not exactly what I'm looking for in comedy, especially considering the comedy is primarily only in the first half of the special and the rest is just really sad. Like literally, sad. As in it makes you feel sad. You get me?

    So it starts out with Bo being relatively optimistic and motivated to do the show. He looks like a total mess from the get go, but at least he's trying. As the show goes on, a few laughs happen and it's somewhat relatable. As his hair grows he keeps talking about how long it has been since he started the special. Over and over again, he complains that he still hasn't finished the special.

    The show feels a lot like an indie doc*mentary. He films himself brushing his teeth, sitting around, watching footage of himself... you know, boring and lame stuff that doesn't need to be in a comedy special, and literally no one signed up to watch. There's multiple parts of it where he literally films himself during the editing process, so I'm sitting there thinking "Oh good. Now we can mentally go through the stress of a work environment with him instead of I donno... hearing jokes?"

    At some point he apologizes for dressing of as Aladdin when he was younger which I suppose is super bad? God forbid you dress up as a character from another culture, should we also be made at people from other countries dressing up as cowboys? *gasp* Oh wait no, we wouldn't be upset because we have enormous double standards and endless unjust self-loathing. Gotcha.

    Bo goes on to talk about how he's done a lot of things he's embarrassed by and that he has a "closet" full of things that are bad but makes it clear that all the bad stuff is legal... you know, really awkward conversation/song to make.

    I was watching comedians talk about performing on stage some time ago, and they pointed out that som*thing that is really important to do is never make your audience feel uncomfortable. Bo completely disregarded that advice and literally filmed himself, without explanation, breaking down crying, he also filmed himself throwing a temper tantrum and appearing to get violent because he couldn't say what he wanted to say without messing up. So? What's your goal here Bo? You trying to scare people? You trying to be "human" and scream "Look everyone I'm deep! I exist guys! I have a soul and I'm special and I want to feel special please say I'm important!"

    Bo completely disregarded the feelings of his audience (relatable), and focused only on his own needs, what he wanted to do. At some point it seemed he quite literally gave up on the special and just coasted the rest of the time by filming his downward spiral and my theory is, had he shaved his face and cut his hair the whole time, he might have felt more like himself, but instead he kept filming himself looking like a mess, and presenting himself as people rarely saw him. Due to that unfamiliar face staring back at him he lost his identity and began to act how he looked. When all you're doing is looking at someone you don't even identify with due to how messy you've let yourself become, you're possibly going to reflect that in your behavior. Some time ago I made meltdown videos intentionally that were extensively comedic... but, Bo? There was almost no comedy in his meltdowns. It seemed like he was just trying to beg for sympathy rather than actually entertain people.

    A lot of this kinda felt like Jim Carrey's darker side after he filmed "Man on The Moon". Jim had an existential crisis after making that film and basically lost the person everyone loves because like many entertainers in his position, he had big ideas of himself and at some point realized it was all meaningless. Well guess what guys? That's life. So either keep entertaining people pointlessly, or get off the stage because some people want to continue living happy and don't want the people who are supposed to entertain them to be a total buzz-ender and make their lives more difficult as a result.

    Bo goes on and on about how he's an entertainer but yet fails to think about the emotional state of the people watching him. He doesn't seem to care at all that he's not making people laugh the whole second section of his special, it's just a one-man soap opera that is the apparent result of self-isolation and self-pity.

    But you should know, I love Bo Burnham's other specials, you know, when he actually talked about ANYTHING outside his own downward spiral. When Bo is talking about society, gender, politics, the media and so fourth, I'm entertained because it is relatable and funny. But when you capture your audience in a way that they feel they are stuck in a room with you and can't escape... that just feels weird and is a huge bummer.

    There was one point where Bo does a guitar piece in front of an artificial campfire with a projected outdoor background and I have to say, it's been a while since I've been that bored watching a comedy special. There were consistently no jokes, there was often pointlessly big words to establish "Hey guys, I'm smart, I looked up words in a dictionary." which of course makes it even less widely-relatable or watchable.

    If you do a comedy special, you got to respect your audience and try to think about what would make them happy, in this way, Bo completely and utterly drove the point of a special into the ground.

    If I could only rate the first half, I'd give him probably a five star rating. But the second half destroyed the whole special.

    "All is well that ends well." and that ended miserably.


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    I tried to like Fortnite. I played hours of it. I just couldn't get into it. It's an incredibly dumb game.

    If you don't know what Fortnite is, just imagine a cartoonish character running around a massive map, shooting other cartoon characters. Then randomly insert the Minecraft obsession of building stuff unrealistically and you have basically one of the biggest wastes of time known to the human species.

    I feel like there is a real disconnect between me and massive Fortnite fans because frankly, what are you even doing? What is the point?

    At the same time, it's hard for me to really have a strong stance as I very much so enjoy playing League of Legends... which is also a waste of time in a way... but I mostly use it as an excuse to hang out with people in Discord so... maybe not so much a waste as that's the only time I play it.

    So I guess if you play Fortnite to hang out with people, awesome. But if you play Fortnite alone in your bedroom while talking to no one? Bro... bro.

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  4. A lot of Metal Gear solid games were pretty amazing. The voice acting was better in other games... however other than the voice acting shortcoming, this game is just amazing.

    The depth is incredible, the gameplay is awesome, the storyline is great. It's a fantastic/wonderful game that is in my top 10 favorites

    The Green Knight

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    The production value for this movie was good... the storyline however, really bad. It felt like watching a very long, very slow, very random visual poem thought up by an emo wizard-wanna be nerd. I actually walked out of the movie... it was... I felt like... I just had so many things I could be doing that were far far more productive/entertaining.

    Basically the main problem was that the story was so inconsistent, it didn't feel like it was really building to anything as much as it was trying to be weird. The main character was hard to relate to, and I felt he was dumber than the average person, which is probably pretty dumb.

    Overall, it felt very poorly done. Cinematography and casting were ok, but the rest was just bad.

    Me at the theater:
    No Way Abandon Thread GIF

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    The Suicide Squad

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    The movie was REALLY active, didn't get boring at any point, but a major problem with it is that there was WAY TOO MUCH gr*ss content. So much stuff no one in their right mind wants to see in a film.

    Like a little bit of blood, cool. A lot of blood, ok. Really detailed brain matter? No. Terrifying SAW level graphic details regarding deconstructed human anatomy? No thanks

    Had to look away from the screen multiple times because it was so pointlessly gr*ss.

    But overall, the storyline was a good, the FX were good... basically it was just all around awesome. Gives me hope for DC.

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    Black Widow

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    Black Widow was a fantastic movie, I know, you don't really need to reach much more after seeing that, but hey, we'll write up a review anyway.

    So Black Widow initially in the Iron Man movie and other Marvel movies seems like someone who has interesting loyalties, doesn't so much follow the laws of man rather the unspoken laws of human relationships, which to me, I respect, but I'm more so a person who's about the laws of man, and if you don't follow those, you get in big trouble, but Black Widow? She's basically a ninja. I'm not. Hence, each person has to know their place.

    With that being said, in Black Widow the movie introduces you to her ch*ldhood, which is alright I suppose, until it's revealed that the father is actually a pretty self-centered guy and everyone is essentially just an actor (actor-inception really) aka a mole or sleeper cell for the Russians. The family escapes on a plane and once they land, the two sisters, Black Widow and her soon-to-be equally talented ninja sibling are knocked out and then trained to become essentially puppets of some fat guy.

    So the family reunites at a later date, they have difficulty getting back into the swing of things as their ch*ldhood was difficult and they're all not sure if they're really family or not. They want to be, but they're all confused because yes, they were playing roles but no, they actually spent three years being a family together so it had to stick with them right?

    Turns out, it did stick with them, the story is ultimately designed to relate with people who have families of their own, who dislike men who control women and use them to do their bidding and generally the whole "Evil fat ab**ive white man must stop him" theme runs strong.

    I liked how this movie cast people well, there was diversity in the movie, but diversity that made sense, nothing seemed forced or token. 

    I don't want to give an enormous amount away about the movie, but just know, obviously like all Marvel Movies (except for the one where Spider-Man literally dies) this comes with a happy ending. It's a bit of a feminist leaning movie, but it's one that actually makes sense and again, isn't forced.

    I really appreciate how delicate and precise the storyline was, I appreciate how much effort was put into this movie and how well the actors all did their jobs to hold up the Marvel standard... now if only they could share their wisdom and skill with whoever was behind the abomination that was the Loki series, that would be great.

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  5. So there's no question, if you play Grand Theft Auto, you're playing a game designed for people who want to be trashy. The game isn't for exclusively awesome people, it's not specifically for intelligent people, it's just a game that most everyone who can muster up enough mental fortitude to smash a few buttons, ok, great. Enter, Ghost of Tsushima, a game with actual soul.

    Unlike Grand Theft Auto, in Tsushima you're playing an actual hero, not a piece of garbage American trash loser, so that's an upgrade. No, you're playing a Samurai! Who just happens to occasionally m**der people, sometimes with poison, which you may think "Well James, that's worse than American trash losers!" And you're actually wrong, because this character is only doing these things to save his whole island from being horribly treated by foreign invaders who had already committed mass acts of terror against his own people.

    Think of it like this, if ALIENS invaded and enslaved the human population, would you be made if a Samurai snuck onto their ship, and p********d them? No? Ok, now you get why he's better than GTA America trash, lol.

    So the control scheme is actually very chill, you're able to move around easily and once you get used to the controls, it's basically unbearable (for me at least) to go back to games like Red d**d Redemption, especially considering the incredibly beautiful visuals in this game.

    You'll literally be playing this game and just want to stop to look at how beautiful the surroundings are. The way the leaves fall, the way the water flows, the Haiku you get to randomly construct throughout the game, it's all glorious and peaceful feeling.

    When I play games like Fallout, I normally feel kinda bummed out afterward because the whole world is doom and gloom, it's not a pleasant place to be, but when I played Tsushima, I felt so comfortable and calm, because the world was that way.

    The island was so pleasant that it made things clear, of course you're going to defend this place, it's paradise.

    So the storyline was really unfortunate it that it really is no fun losing family and friends to betrayal. The main character is basically backstabbed by every other person he knows and that's upsetting but at the same time, it seemed necessary for the plot to move in the direction it was and for people to truly understand how difficult war can be on everyone, socially, economically and mortally.

    Unlike so many TV Shows (Loki) and games that are poorly written, I was not playing this, yelling at the TV about how illogical everything was because for the most part, Ghost of Tsushima nails it. The story flows, the gameplay flows and the vibe is perfect.

    With that all being said, the reuse of the same Mongolians over and over does get annoying. Additionally the repetitious tasks are annoying as well. They use a lot of typical open world m*thods of gameplay, like doing the same thing over and over to gradually unlock certain abilities, and that can be really agitating however the environment, music and other gameplay moments compensate for it.

    Overall I'm incredibly happy with this game. I'm so glad I had the privilege of playing it and if I can generate enough money, I might buy it on the PS5 as they have a directors cut coming out. We'll see.

    David Hayter

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    I think David Hayter is one of the greatest voice actors of all time, so... pretty big deal in my book... what book? Shut. Up. I have three. Not the point.

    I've played pretty much all the Metal Gear games and it's pretty cool he was in a big way behind the first X-Men films.

    Metal Gear Thirst GIF by Yukster

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