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  1. I’d like to be my own person. I disconnected from both of them as neither are role models & only make it difficult to live a healthy life. A good role model would help a lot.
  2. Expect little of others and you will not be disappointed. Give little and you will feel less used. Nice guys finish last - gotta take care of yourself, they are.
  3. Yeah I put that instrumental together. I love making music, it's just a matter of motivation... which is weird because I love doing it lol.
  4. If you could do anything you wanted for a living, what would you do? For me? I'd just like to do something that is low-stress and allows me to genuinely help people using my skills. Sound fun? I think so 🙂 Hopefully I can do something like that some day.
  5. I think if the US, Iraq, Syria and North Korea all bordered each other, there would be a lot of issues. I’m curious about this too.
  6. It's amazing we took this much evolution to exist and yet I and others still feel incredibly ungrateful in numerous instances. Lol.
  7. So depression... it's really draining right? It takes away from you being happy, it makes it so, at times, you don't even want to exist (or maybe you feel that all the time) but I feel like my sadness has gotten to the point where it's just... part of me. If I try to take medicine, to make it go away, I don't feel so sad, but I still feel like there is no meaning... like it's all literally random, our lives... us even existing was the result of a dice roll essentially... like how did you wind up in your mom's egg over the millions of others? Random mostly. What I'm saying is... if it's all random, and we're just blades of grass, tiny little things... and I feel sad, I feel that lack of meaning... med*cation doesn't make my awareness of our lack in meaning go away... it just takes away that feeling... So there I am, not feeling sad, but still knowing... I should feel sad... because being sad means I care, that I wish there was meaning, that a life with more purpose is something worth achieving and that I earned this sadness through my life experiences that got me here... I've been diagnosed repeatedly, always a different version of depression... Major depressive episode, chronic depression, adjustment di*ord*r etc - and yes, in South Korea, I was pushed to the absolute edge, the darkest place of depression... but I'm just wondering... if depression was ever really the enemy... maybe it's just honesty. To take med*cation, to escape this honest reflection of the things I've been through... I mean, I was so full of hope and had big dreams before I shipped off to Texas, then Oklahoma, then South Korea... and slowly but surely, so many pieces of me died... because of my experiences... so what do I do? Just... act like that never happened emotionally? Just numb it so I can live, pretending things aren't the way they are? Life is beautiful so many days... and I can feel that... but this lingering reflection on our existence - the deeper meaning and reality of our lives... this isn't something for a pill to solve... it's something for me to give attention to, to talk to, and to grow from. When you find a problem, you don't just throw a blanket over it and hope it goes away... you address it the best you can. You accept your reality. *sigh* Just my feelings right now.
  8. I'm very sad. I feel that deep feeling of emotional soreness in my chest. I'm not sure it's a bad thing... will ellaborate.
  9. OH YOU BABIES, none of you have gotten a non-tooth related surgery. Lol.
  10. It's weird and dumb to think, violent movies have actually cost human lives. Reminds me of the ancient colosseums where people watched each other battle to the very end of their lives... how are we so different, there's a total lives lost difference, but are 10 lives lost or even 1 life lost... is it an acceptable exchange for say 100,000 people being entertained by violence? People are still d***g for our entertainment (like in the WWE where wrestlers have passed away) or the people getting seriously injured in boxing matches or other fighting sports, even Football physically ruins peoples lives... and for what? So we can be amused? Society is deeply hypocritical.
  11. Too big. Clearly a massive logic, proportion & eventually health problem. This is ideal:
  12. I mean... I'm sure people in Japan have more in common with each other than in the US. It's our differences that make us more hostile to one another --- so many religions, cultures etc --- people just live in different worlds here because we are probably the most diverse in the world. People being different = more conflict. It's kind of a common sense thing. You mix that with very loose gun laws and a dominant culture that is trained to thing violence is ok in certain circumstances... yeah.
  13. I was just told on the phone that Alec Baldwin accidentally ended someone's life when he shot the director of photography with a gun that was, clearly, inappropriately equipped for filming. Here's the article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/21/us/alec-baldwin-shooting-rust-movie.html I feel really bad for Alec and the director, as well as the DP considering everyone there was either significantly emotionally traumatized or wounded deeply physically (one losing their life). My assumption is whoever was in charge of props is now in danger of being held legally accountable as they messed up on a level that should have been impossible by now considering what happened to Brandon Lee so many years ago (I thought this issue had been remedied when he was shot on set). If it wasn't the person in charge of props who was at fault, than it was the person who manufactured the prop gun/ammunition/blanks (which should have been incapable of harming anyone). Regardless! We keep losing amazing people, so remember to cherish those in your life as you never know when the time is up.
  14. I just got surgery to patch up some issues on my head. (Skin/surface surgery) Also got my wisdom teeth removed before. What kind of surgeries have you gotten?
  15. I kinda wonder how people are attracted to animal faces or bodies... why is that a thing? Like when you see a dog jump up and pant with their tongue out... are you like "YEAAAAHHHH!" Lol.
  16. Well, at least you have anonymity - no one taking photos of you the moment they see you... you're a normal person... so that must feel nice.
  17. Great country song is on right now… lotta bout livin and a little bout love… derp.
  18. The scenario you just described makes no sense (that girl/what she was doing). Humans terrify me.
  19. She is a YouTuber, she knows to keep doing what gets her views - only in her case, it hospitalizes a small percent of her viewers. It is not complicated. No conspiracies needed. She is making money doing this. She will continue despite who it hurts. That is how she & people like her work.
  20. Problem is, if they change the formula, they risk losing their audience. Happens to shows often. Like the show Heroes or the WWE (for me at least).
  21. Just finished the season - was blown away by both main characters finding a way to constantly feel sorry for themselves & paint themselves the v****ms when they’re regularly ending human lives. Was so bizarre. Like they saw other people as insects and their own lives were the only ones with value.
  22. She is a genuinely terrifying person. She is beyond the plea of “ignorance” for the damage she has done to her own fans. The hospitalizations are countless & she continues to profit off the confirmed real physical suffering of her audience.
  23. Well there you go lol. Montana has like 20 so I guess it adds up.
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