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  1. Is it that people just feel like their own lives are so boring and lame that they have to invest their time into something that gives them a false sense of being relevant?

    Why do people pick sides? Why do they throw themselves into politics as if any of it is really what it seems on the surface?

    The constant social civil war is so dramatic and ridiculous, like a religion, and people are driving around waving flags, posting angry statements in their yards, wearing T-Shirts, going on social media rants etc --- all for what?

    What difference does any of your daily outrage make? Just vote, and live your life... is that too difficult? You gotta wage war with your own family on facebook? Ranting constantly about politicians you know little of/never met or even remotely understand?

    I get making jokes, I understand the news folk and influencers covering these dumb topics because they all get paid --- but the lemmings who eat all that junk up, ruin their own happiness over complex issues they know too-little of...

    Are we just... dumb? Hahaha.


    Live your life bro.

    Anyway, ever witness someone who believes social media nonsense in a serious context?


    Have politics always been this bad and I'm only just now catching on or... have the last decade been kinda... nuts?

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  2. On 8/20/2021 at 7:10 PM, Mr.Dawn said:

    My experiences with friendships is that they are very fragile. I've been through a whole slew of them throughout my life.

    A "hands-off" and constantly forgiving attitude will get you farther... but the problem is... you know... is that valuable?

    I think having a lot of distant, light friendships is reasonable for some. Heavy personal friendships can get crazy --- humans are so complicated after all.

  3. On 8/12/2021 at 11:04 AM, LadyDaigona said:

    I was briefly before it got deleted. I don’t know if I ever posted tho. It looked a lot like this one did. 
    I was WAY into forums back in the day tho. I’m getting back into forums now. 

    did anyone else have a vampire freaks account or just me 😂

    I go through phases... like sometimes I feel it, sometimes I don't... forums come and go as a result --- but in the case of this forum --- y'all prepaid it, so I can't bail. Just have to wait for myself to come around lol.

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  4. On 10/15/2021 at 6:30 AM, Ghostie said:

    yeah hurts to know your whole relationship with someone was fake from the start. 

    That’s kinda why rumors aren’t always completely bad. If someone close to you believes the junk others say, and they turn on you, you just got saved years worth of time you would have wasted on them. 

    May they find justified remorse, and you find better friends.

  5. 13 hours ago, bones said:

    Literally just makes me sleep.... reminds me of Melatonin.


    I think I’ll rely on it if the sadness ever gets too much control… other then that, I think I have an air mattress set out for the Debbie downer in my head to sleep on for a while till I figure myself out.

  6. 11 hours ago, koneko said:

    I'll have se* with a goat, don't wanna have the eternal shame. 

    Would you rather - Have to have se* 6 hours per day - or  - Never have se* ever again.

    Never again.

    Would you rather eat the best ice cream in the world or hug the nicest person in the world?

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  7. 14 hours ago, seeairuhhmist said:

    Collin Powell - former secretary of state - was fully vaccinated and passed from COVID this morning. I mean, he was 83, but you get what I'm saying. 

    It blows my mind how a lot people consistently fail to see how serious this is.

    Really sad Mr Powell passed. At least he was older but going that way is so unfair.

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  8. So I get sad for seemingly no reason a lot... like, my first real plummet into depression happened Nov 14, 2007... it was... crazy how far it got... but ever since, I've just been... going back to this dark place... where I feel so sad and I don't know exactly why in the sense that it's not like there is one thing on my mind pulling me down.

    I guess it could kind of be like... I got really wounded, and haven't healed... and the sadness... while I don't think about how it happened in the first place, I still feel the left overs of what happened before...

    Thing is, this pain... I tried a medicine recently that got rid of that feeling pretty fast... it lasted for a few hours and... well... I kinda missed the feeling... that sinking sensation in your chest, that feeling that you're going to break down crying... that feeling that you're falling apart.

    I've had that feeling for so long that I feel like... without it... I'm not even really alive... as if in my current mental state of meaninglessness... when I lose that sorrow... not only do I still feel things are meaningless, but I don't even feel sad about it anymore... so it's just meaningless absent of sadness... and what is that? That is even worse... because at least when you're sad, you know you have something of value, and that is feeling... raw, deep, sinking... heavy weighted depression holding you down, keeping you grounded.

    It's so complicated that even reading my own thoughts... I would struggle to understand if I wasn't living it.

    Anyway... do you ever get sad for no reason? Have you ever felt like sadness wasn't the enemy after all?

    sad ao no exorcist GIF

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