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  1. I am really white. Like 97% European. Pretty meh.
  2. I hugged someone I do not like IRL. Awkward hug.
  3. Nice description but yeah, it’s like an everything in one site… lots of special content on the way…. I thinkzzzz
  4. Thanks 🙂 I'll sleep in the back and pay for all the fast food in exchange for you driving.
  5. It's kind of funny how much of life is pretty much about perspective.
  6. Hmm… not exactly - I think if we ever went on a road trip you’d get shotgun lol.
  7. Hello & welcome! 🙂 Hope you like your time here!
  8. Hey thank you ~ I want to accomplish more every day... it's a process of finding a good platform you know? Really driving forward what inspires me.
  9. Um... yeah I'd like to find a simple, fast loading solution, but right now, we just got this complicated thing 🙂
  10. Just curious what you guys will be up to this fall... what do you have planned for your future? Where do you want it to go? This fall I plan to expand my mind. I want to learn more, grow as a person and hopefully accomplish something cool. That book I'm working on... it should be done by winter so that's exciting. How about you?
  11. That's still entertaining hmm? Amazing how old shows can be like that 🙂
  12. Sounds like a problem... I can fix it though ~ Will DM you.
  13. I'm kinda thinking regardless of your salary, you really should just focus on whatever you do naturally/whatever makes you the most happy. That way when you do your job, there will be passion in it/it will have more meaning.
  14. External changes can be good... but I find looking inward helps a lot too... sorting your life out, figuring out who you are etc.
  15. ...what???? 😂😂😂😂 OK. Not sure what that song is. Not saying it's not real, I used to make a lot of dark jokes... just not sure about that one. Got any other lyrics?
  16. See I don’t get the whole travel thing because humans around the world basically want the same things and form their environments accordingly. Now climate differences, there is something that changes.
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