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  1. (1) I donno anything about the Paytas drama other than she is infamously difficult to be friends with... which I can relate with but: (2) Yes, that would be very funny.
  2. Haha… I donno. I don’t remember the last time I felt jealous.
  3. As I understand a lot of Americans live check to check. So… you know, money can be hard.
  4. Can you guys let me know which layout on this site you'd probably never use? It maxes out at 10 options so I need to cut a few out to replace them with ones I like even more... So which is your LEAST favorite of them? Here is where you can change the layout option:
  5. He was also in Sons or Anarchy or… The Mayans… did great there too.
  6. Dude… I have an entire forum just for talking… haha.
  7. Sometimes they make me feel like I am literally about to cease to exist… fun really.
  8. reminder that my mods kick ***
  9. reminder that my mods kick ***
  10. Every Asian restaurant I go to, I order the veggie plate... just a ton of veggies or veggie rolls.
  11. I regret buying a lot of other people stuff... haha... be too giving, find yourself feeling used.
  12. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your insight on that. Transparency would be awesome.
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