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Community Answers

  1. Dang, and I almost got rid of that one (the ancient one) - Glad ya like!
  2. I treat OnlyFans like I do most any business - if creators want to be mutually subscribed to learn from each other, that's a great idea. People have asked me to actually be ON their OnlyFans with them but I turned down literally everyone... I just feel too awkward with the idea. It's funny how the MYTH of Onision is compared to the REALITY.
  3. I feel like wishing evil on others is not good... even if those people are bad - wanting bad people to go through bad things doesn't make us better people. I just want people who do bad things to understand deeply what their actions do and hopefully change for the better.
  4. Don't worry dude, that wasn't really your wife, that was a t2000 sent from the future to do biggot things. It's not you, blame the biggot. Anyway, yeah no, religious people are fun huh?
  5. I saw someone imply that COVID was human beings getting punished for essentially all the evil deeds going down in the world and I couldn't help but feel that was... a stretch. Good things happen to bad people all the time, and bad things happen to good people all the time... so why would COVID suddenly be some kind of justice? And what about all the innocent people who died there? Isn't ending the life of innocent people it's own evil? What excuse exists to wipe out millions of people for what? To teach evil people a lesson? Anyway... what do you think of the concept that COVID only happened to punish the human race for being evil? Because I am not on board with that but am happy to read some thoughts...
  6. Thanks again to @brittniisundae for giving even more to the forum and helping keep it going even further... my gosh - we're funded for so longggg!
  7. Lol... I think we both know why you're asking that and trust me when I say this:
  8. Everyone is outraged by disrespect for women, but disrespect a man? Who cares right? Oh that's fine. Can we all just agree, both men and women are complete jokes and need to stop taking themselves so seriously? If we can't agree on that, not sure what there is to say. Karen.



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