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Onision is a comedian, a musician, a OnlyFans model and more... talk about a guy with identity issues! Mua ha ha!

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Love your sense of humor,  last week I almost got a heart******, great actor!!gerard butler banana GIF

Response from the author:

Oh that's nice of you to say, thank you.

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One of the funniest and most honest people I've seen. You are definitely one of my most favorite YouTubers and one who's videos have made me laugh so much time and time again. I also admire how you don't care what anyone thinks and tells it like it is. Overall just an awesome person 🙂

Response from the author:

Oh thanks so much 🙂

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Guest lil nas lil

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i luh you

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Gotta love O! Funny, witty, doesn't give a sh°t what people think and he is the best Youtuber. 

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Yeah, he's alright.  🌟


The man has a really cool personality, a unique way of bringing out ideas, a creative soul, genuine with whatever he puts out there, and talk about perseverance, good heights! Wasn't a "life" long fan, I didn't know much about him, but damn it. Now that I know, he certainly made me one. 

All stars!

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