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Shane Dawson is a pretty big YouTuber... but at the time of this link being posted, Shane hasn't been online in some time... what's the deal with that?

Anyway, Shane's videos used to be all about comedy and music videos, but more recently he did long documentary-type videos. Kinda crazy.

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An exceptionally long time ago, approximately 10 years, Shane Dawson was at the height of his career in the sense that he was one of the most subscribed YouTubers on all of YouTube. He made comedy sketches, music videos & daily vlogs.

After the YouTube algorithm changed, Shane shifted to creating long-form content, and as a result, he stayed relevant. His content however was no longer based on quality or substance, rather simply keeping the audience's attention long enough to please the YouTube staff's automation standards.

This review is going to focus on Shane Dawson prior to the cancellation of his channels and prior to the algorithm shift.

Shane's music videos were basically awesome in the sense that he always put significant effort into them, and they were often well thought out. However, Shane’s comedy sketches were hit and miss. Some of his videos, he had put a lot of effort into them, and others would feel like he had to smash som*thing together fast in hopes of making whatever deadline he set for himself on a self-employed person's schedule.

As far as his contribution to YouTube, the level of impact he had, and the power he had over his fans was simply immeasurable. The fandom was overwhelming, and anyone associated with Shane would find themselves gaining thousands to hundreds of thousands of subscribers overnight just by collaborating with him.

Shane would collaborate with tons of YouTubers whenever he got the chance. He was incredibly social and almost always seemed happy and inspired in the videos he took part in.

Shane's background story is also inspiring, he was a fat, not-so-popular boy in high school, and I mean, fat. He had to get surgery at some point because according to him, his weight and weight loss caused so many problems, doctors had to correct his internal organs just to make sure he could live a normal life.

Around the time of his surgery is the first time Shane collaborated with me, Onision. The video we did together was called "Rhianna Is an Animal?" and we did the video together because he felt that I, Onision, was such a similar-looking person, that I could replace him while he recovered from surgery.

This was an example of a video that Shane did not put much effort into, and it makes sense why he did not, because he was recovering from surgery, of course.

Shane would always say "I love you" to his fans in his videos, he would cry on camera to connect with his audience and show what he wanted people to view as genuine behavior. The reality is, none of us really know what is going on in Shane Dawson's head, or why he did the things he did.

On top of being once the unpopular fat boy in school, he also had enormous, insurmountable struggles when he was young. The amount of psychological stress he had to endure throughout most of his young life is som*thing most of us can never understand.

From everything I have ever seen, Shane Dawson has been kind to most everyone in his life. There are people like me, Comic Fire and some random other angry white guy who have had issues with Shane, but that did not even put a blemish on Shane's overall incredibly positive impact on his audience.

Despite all the serious issues going on, from Shane's youth to now, he still could make some entertaining videos, and was a YouTuber I would not consider replacing or removing from memory.

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Shane was never as funny as people made him out to be.  I think he is fake and a fool. He's controversial AF and a backstabber. 

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I don't know why I haven't left a review on this one yet so here it is. I've been subscribed to Shane since 2008 and I always thought his comedy sketches were hilarious. Looking back at certain jokes he made, it does look bad and he shouldn't have done certain things. I didn't think anything of it at the time. They're still jokes though. I also enjoyed his conspiracy theory videos and other videos he made. Anyway, I feel bad that he got canceled and I'm looking forward to him returning to YouTube whenever that will be.

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