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Initial release date: June 15, 2018
Designer: Marcus Bromander
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Publisher: InnerSloth LLC
Developers: InnerSloth LLC, PlayEveryWare
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, MORE
Awards: k***s’ Choice Award for Favorite Videogame


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· Edited by Viralpepsi


The overall game is well made, however there's is close to no anti-exploit in the game and h*ckers can just do anything.


Playing With Friends: Always a fun time, nobody ever believes me even though I guess who it is correctly every time.

Playing Multiplayer: Not very fun, but most other players have severe brain damage and it's very easy to win.


Final Review: 2.5/5

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Among Us is a video game where you join up with strangers or friends, you each pick a different colored character and then you run around a space ship or alternative level in a 2 dimensional world trying to fix numerous issues, and complete various tasks before one to three people in the group successfully end the lives of most everyone else on the ship.

The core concept of the game reminds me of this Werewolf game where everyone is handed cards and you try to figure out essentially, who the heck is the werewolf in the group. If you want to check this game out, it's actually incredible and in my opinion much better than Among Us: https://amzn.to/3v8dPiq

In the "Ultimate Werewolf" game, you can look each other in the face and ask each other questions to decide who is the danger to the other game players. Thing is, in Ultimate Werewolf you also have special abilities and secret allies. Meanwhile Among Us? Very very boring abilities and very uninteresting roles to play. You're either the person hunting everyone else down, or the hunted. No in-between and that makes the game painfully boring.

If the company behind Among Us wants to make the game more interesting, they have to actually give the individual crew mates individual abilities. For instance one crew mate could have the ability to detect the moment someone is downed by the Imposter. Another person could be a body detector, have a general censor to find out where bodies are to help them resolve issues faster. Another crew mate could have the power of completing other people's tasks when they are done with their own and so on, there are enormous possibilities and it would make the game so much more playable.

My experience playing Among Us is that you are so often and repeatedly placed as a crew mate that you could play a 10 round game and never once find yourself being the imposter. This is why the imposter should have the option of allies, but not necessarily people who can harm any crew mates. For example, an ally of an Imposter could tie up or otherwise bind crew mates for the Imposters to later find. There could also be a crew mate who has the ability to fight off Imposters. You would have this modification of the game to make it far less boring and far less likely you get the same role over and over again.

I played a game once, 6 rounds where I was a crew mate every time and another player was the imposter 3 times... seriously? It is so lame to just run around, waiting to get clipped and me being normally a popular target because it's hilarious to take my character out as I generally run the servers, I'm just a sitting duck.

Long story short, the game is really fun at first, but with disproportion and almost no imagination, the game gets dry really fast.

A lot of folks think Among Us is great, probably mostly because they've never played Ultimate Werewolf in real life and don't remember what it's like to actually solve a mystery with the person physically in front of you, or maybe they just like the simplicity and repetition of the game that never seems to evolve or add any real surprises.

But ultimately, if the game doesn't get an update that adds a new element or fixes the issue of making the same people the Imposters over and over, why would I want to ever play it again? Why does anyone?

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