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Eugenia Cooney is a pretty popular YouTuber who a lot of people are concerned about. Eugenia Cooney does try on haul videos and... well, let the reviews of this link tell you more about who she is.

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When she's been getting comments, tweets, DMs etc in the hundreds every single day for years, she KNOWS she is harming people with her content. She is actively choosing to share damaging content knowingly - even the girls on pro ana forums have dedicated sections to her to discuss whether shes the ultimate pro ana content queen or if we want her to stop sharing content like this, and honestly most of us do just want her to get better and are scared for her. You've clearly made a significant negative impact on young girl's lives when the pro ana and ed community is telling you you've gone too far and you have your own dedicated section on multiple forums.

I can't really have much sympathy for her anymore, I'm sorry about her condition and want her to recover but I can't forgive her for actively driving people to self destruct and spreading the misinformation that you can be so underweight and happy + bubbly at the same time. *NONE* of the underweight ed sufferers I've met are happy and bubbly like she portrays. 

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With how many of her fans and former viewers have claimed to have been hospitalized after being inspired to not eat food because of Eugenia, it's hard to rate her channel anything decent until she stops causing more people to feel refusing to eat food is acceptable.

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