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David Hayter is an American actor and screenwriter for film and television. He is best known for his voice acting roles as Solid Snake.

Metal Gear Solid is a groundbreaking video game that deserves the credit it gets. The voice actor for Solid Snake in the English version, David Hayter, did an amazing job with his portrayal of the iconic character.

One of them major appeals of Metal Gear Solid is David Hayter's voice acting. He has been considered as one of the best voices in video games for over two decades now. 

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I think David Hayter is one of the greatest voice actors of all time, so... pretty big deal in my book... what book? Shut. Up. I have three. Not the point.

I've played pretty much all the Metal Gear games and it's pretty cool he was in a big way behind the first X-Men films.

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