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How a robot describes ray:


Ray William Johnson is a 26-year-old YouTube star who has a channel of the same name. Ray uploads content to his channel every Monday and Thursday, and has currently acc*mulated over 7 million subscribers. He is known for his unique style of comedy, taking popular videos and parodying them for comedic purposes. Johnson also releases a podcast called "Equals Three" with fellow YouTube star Rhett and Link. Johnson was born in Michigan and raised in a small town in the Florida panhandle.

Is that even accurate? Haha...

What is your opinion of Ray?

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I think Ray was one of the most overrated YouTubers ever. He'd take content that was viral, then just be like "Woah!" and add some comment to it... essentially he was like America's Funniest Home Videos... it was a concept pretty much anyone could do...

In other words, if Ray just did what TikToker's do, where they sit there watching a viral video, saying nothing, he would probably have the exact same amount of success.

I didn't give him a lower rating because it's not like he didn't do what tons of other people are now successful for doing - just a normal dude who hit it big being basic.

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