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Keemstar is from the channel Drama Alert, he is very popular as far as views go and is well-known for having his own opinion on things. Most people just go with the flow, but Keemstar seems to not care about the flow as much as other YouTubers and doesn't seem to be afraid to be his own person. What do you think of him?


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I like Keemstar he is not sensitive like other influencers. He knows that receiving h**e is just part of his job & I like how he trolls some of his haters.

He exists on the internet to only entertain & make money.

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Guest BananaTime


Keem is a good guy, he’s honest and the best source for online news. He admits when he’s wrong or makes a mistake. Sticks buy the things he believe even if it goes against the norm. He even brought Onision on his show so Onision could defend himself even though he got a bunch of h**e for it. #goodguyKeem

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