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Trisha Paytas is a pretty big celebrity. A lot of people love them, but a lot of people also don't. What is the overall consensus of this person?

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A lot of people think they're a professional internet troll which very well may be the case,  but doesn't change the fact that they're clearly very unstable and just a nuisance if I'm being honest. Was first introduced to them when they made that video endorsing Mitt Romney and I've never been amused by any of the content they put out, and do my best to avoid it. Gen Z is trying to cancel them after they left that podcast but they don't realize it won't work bc they've done MUCH worse and are basically uncancelable bc if you keep giving them the amount of attention that people do by watching and sharing their videos, they thrive and profit off of it.

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I used to like them, like during the time they made videos with Shane Dawson. I didn't know about their old problematic tweets or other stuff at the time. I really started to not like them after they made that one video towards Anthony Padilla. Then I started realizing other bad stuff about them. Doesn't seem like a very good person to me.

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Shes entertaining, she doesn't seem to really censor herself, shes dramatic, all out there. Her over the top appearance compliments her over the top personality. Love her or h**e her, you can't deny shes posted some entertaining content.

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