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Susan Wokcicki runs a YouTube channel that pretty consistently seems to get a lot of dislikes... but why? You can now review her channel here on this site! Yay! 

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Here is how a ROBOT would describe Susan Wokcicki (the YouTube CEO), behold an AI's take:


Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube. She was born in Palo Alto and her father was one of the co-founders of Intel. She graduated from Harvard with a degree in Biology. She has also served in various executive positions during the past decade, including as Senior Vice President of Advertising and Commerce at Google. Susan is not only the CEO of YouTube, she is also a mom to six c******n and has practically written the book on being a working mom in Silicon Valley.

She is the boss to the 6,000 employees who work for her company. In fact, she has been the boss for quite some time now! Susan was born in Michigan and was the youngest of three c******n. She was a cheerful girl and she also loved to play with her siblings. Her mom, Ruth, worked as an engineer near Detroit and her dad, Stanley, was a professor at University of California in Davis. It was at Ruth's insistence that Susan take piano lessons that Susan found her passion. Stanley helped Susan learn how to read music by using their living room as a practice studio.

YouTube has seen a gradual increase in it's subscriber's since the start of her tenure. She has been the company's CEO for eight years, but in the past five years, YouTube has seen a huge increase in growth. In 2007, the company had a mere 20 million subscribers, but as of 2018, there are over 8 billion. Her many accomplishments include: her goal to make YouTube a more social media platform, she created YouTube Red which began to offer original content for a $10 monthly membership fee in 2015, and she created YouTube Originals which offered exclusive content for YouTube Red members.

I have no idea if the above is true, but the robot says it is... haha. Alright, on to your reviews!

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