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Want to take a quiz? These are some awesome quizzes you might enjoy! Make sure you leave a comment letting everyone know what your results were!

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  1. Which Ex Onision Associate Are You?

    One of the answers in this quiz is just hilarious because there really are no words for the result... haha.

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  2. Onision Quiz

    How well do you know Onision? Fact is, a lot of people simply do not know Onision at all... there are 370 possible points... one of the answers is -1000 points so watch out!

    How did you do? Good?

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  3. Reality Check Quiz

    Do you live in reality? Or are you just a puppet to what other people have trained you to think?

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  4. Game of Thrones Personality Quiz

    Which Game of Thrones character are you? Make sure you share your results!


    Comment below to let everyone know what character you got! TYSM!

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  5. Which Onision Character Are You?

    What results did you get? Which Onision character are you? I hope you liked your results!

    19 hits   858 views



  6. Rick & Morty Personality Quiz

    What did you get on the Rick & Morty quiz? Are you happy with the results? Good!

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  • Reviews

    • By brittniisundae · Posted
      Yeah, he's alright.  🌟 Actually. The man has a really cool personality, a unique way of bringing out ideas, a creative soul, genuine with whatever he puts out there, and talk about perseverance, good heights! Wasn't a "life" long fan, I didn't know much about him, but damn it. Now that I know, he certainly made me one.  All stars!
    • By brittniisundae · Posted
      I really like Megan. She has said, and yes it is true. She's often in films where she is or feels to be just ***ualized. It affected her mentally. She recently opened up about having a hallucinogenic tea experience with MGK. It's an interesting read, but it would be som*thing I would never suggest anyone to do. She mentioned that it felt like "she was in her own h**l." As silly as it is, Jennifer's body, will always be on my watch list to anybody who hasn't seen it. I really like her as an actre
    • By Kaitlind · Posted
      I really hope he was joking, even though he sounded serious but I think he was making himself sound serious because he said he liked to shock people with his jokes. There's no way someone would admit doing som*thing disgusting like that to the world if they really did it, right?
    • By Tamahriaa · Posted
      Scarlett is one of my favorite actresses and she’s just so amazing in everything she’s been in. 
    • By brittniisundae · Posted
      I feel like her character, Black Widow gets a lot of thumbs down as she just calms down Hulk, & yeah kicks. I remember first seeing her in Ghost World, & I just fell in love. She's a beautiful person, and she does very well in her career. Wish her the best & excited to see more of her. ❤



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