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A collection of YouTube channels reviewed and submitted by the Onision community.

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  1. Megan Fox

    I know very little of Megan Fox, but what I can say... is she is a person who is female, was in the Transformers film... until she called the director a name? Who knows... anyway, here is a photo gallery of her:


    Also this is what a robot thinks of Megan Fox:
    Ok... so the robot is completely oblivious... mother of three? Haha!

    What do you think of Megan?

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  2. Shane Dawson's Cat

    Shane Dawson's cat is a cool guy. Actually I know nothing about Shane's cat other than this:


    1 hit   792 views


  3. Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson plays Black Widow in The Avengers which is really cool even though... she has no powers... she is also in other very rad films like Lost In Translation and... um... Iron... Man. Oh yeah! Marriage! Or whatever that film was called...

    This is what a robot has to say about Scarlett:
    The robot thinks she's a singer so... ok. Is she?

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  4. Donald Trump

    Who is Donald Trump? I'll let a robot tell you...
    I mean... that's what a robot thinks... what do you think?

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  5. David Hayter

    David Hayter is an American actor and screenwriter for film and television. He is best known for his voice acting roles as Solid Snake.

    Metal Gear Solid is a groundbreaking video game that deserves the credit it gets. The voice actor for Solid Snake in the English version, David Hayter, did an amazing job with his portrayal of the iconic character.

    One of them major appeals of Metal Gear Solid is David Hayter's voice acting. He has been considered as one of the best voices in video games for over two decades now. 

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  6. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa... what does a robot assume he is?
    Ok... here's his coming out video:

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  7. Grace Helbig

    Do you like Grace Helbig? She is a YouTuber who currently runs a podcast talking to numerous celebrities. Personally she reminds me of the mom from Modern Family, who I love.

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  8. Ray William Johnson

    How a robot describes ray:
    Is that even accurate? Haha...

    What is your opinion of Ray?

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  9. Keemstar

    Keemstar is from the channel Drama Alert, he is very popular as far as views go and is well-known for having his own opinion on things. Most people just go with the flow, but Keemstar seems to not care about the flow as much as other YouTubers and doesn't seem to be afraid to be his own person. What do you think of him?

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  10. Ethan Klein

    Ethan Klein is from h3h3 productions (sp?) - He is one of the top YouTubers and directly associated with Trisha Paytas. What is your opinion on him? Like his show?

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  11. Trisha Paytas

    Trisha Paytas is a pretty big celebrity. A lot of people love them, but a lot of people also don't. What is the overall consensus of this person?

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  12. Andy Biersack

    Andy Biersack has a YouTube channel and on it he talks about things and stuff... to be blunt, I don't think I've seen any of his videos because all I'm interested in is his music and photos... lol... Anyway, here is a video from Andy:
    What do you think of Andy Biersack? Are you fan?

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  13. Onision

    Onision is a comedian, a musician, a OnlyFans model and more... talk about a guy with identity issues! Mua ha ha!

    7 hits   1,279 views


  14. Shane Dawson

    Shane Dawson is a pretty big YouTuber... but at the time of this link being posted, Shane hasn't been online in some time... what's the deal with that?

    Anyway, Shane's videos used to be all about comedy and music videos, but more recently he did long documentary-type videos. Kinda crazy.


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  15. Nathan Barnatt

    Nathan Barnatt is a pretty funny YouTuber. I met him some time ago, we even did a few videos together. Overall it was a pretty groovy experience and not only is he a funny dude, he also seems like a nice guy.

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  16. Eugenia Cooney

    Eugenia Cooney is a pretty popular YouTuber who a lot of people are concerned about. Eugenia Cooney does try on haul videos and... well, let the reviews of this link tell you more about who she is.

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