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YouTuber Reviews

A collection of YouTube channels reviewed and submitted by the Onision community.

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  1. Andy Biersack

    Andy Biersack has a YouTube channel and on it he talks about things and stuff... to be blunt, I don't think I've seen any of his videos because all I'm interested in is his music and photos... lol... Anyway, here is a video from Andy:
    What do you think of Andy Biersack? Are you fan?

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  2. Susan Wojcicki

    Susan Wokcicki runs a YouTube channel that pretty consistently seems to get a lot of dislikes... but why? You can now review her channel here on this site! Yay! 


    Here is how a ROBOT would describe Susan Wokcicki (the YouTube CEO), behold an AI's take:
    I have no idea if the above is true, but the robot says it is... haha. Alright, on to your reviews!

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  3. Onision

    Onision is a comedian, a musician, a OnlyFans model and more... talk about a guy with identity issues! Mua ha ha!

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  4. James Charles

    James Charles is a makeup guru. Basically he made millions putting paint on his face in really interesting ways. The fact that you can make a career doing something like this is... well, it's kind of half the story. You also have to be watchable, have good ideas and consistent... so hard work plus attitude plus talent = James Charles... problem? Well... the video here kinda says a bit.

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  5. Shane Dawson

    Shane Dawson is a pretty big YouTuber... but at the time of this link being posted, Shane hasn't been online in some time... what's the deal with that?

    Anyway, Shane's videos used to be all about comedy and music videos, but more recently he did long documentary-type videos. Kinda crazy.


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  6. Nathan Barnatt

    Nathan Barnatt is a pretty funny YouTuber. I met him some time ago, we even did a few videos together. Overall it was a pretty groovy experience and not only is he a funny dude, he also seems like a nice guy.

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  7. Eugenia Cooney

    Eugenia Cooney is a pretty popular YouTuber who a lot of people are concerned about. Eugenia Cooney does try on haul videos and... well, let the reviews of this link tell you more about who she is.

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  • Reviews

    • By Kaitlind · Posted
      First of all, he's one of the most attractive men I've ever seen lol. Second, I used to listen to some songs by BVB but I haven't listened to much of his new music. I watched American Satan too and he was great in that movie. Also back in the day he had a YouTube channel with a friend and they would make funny videos. Have you seen any of them?
    • By Onision · Posted
      Andy Biersack, I have met him personally and he is actually a pretty wonderful person based off pretty much everything I've seen. Great performer, really nice to people & one of the most gorgeous men on Earth. Yay.
    • By MotherUnicorn · Posted
      Love your sense of humor,  last week I almost got a heart******, great actor!!
    • By NHChicky · Posted
      Well Im a bit new to all this but I have hear ya name around alot and was curious...I think your artistic funny and interesting person! And its nice to meet ya 🙂 I wish ya well you your family and friends 🙂 And my real name is Lynn 🙂 Have a great day! 
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