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A collection of Onision sites, sites hosted by, started by, run by or otherwise associated with Onision. Yee haw!

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  1. Instagram

    It's Onision's INSTAGRAM. Go follow, enjoy the photos and stuff yay!

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  2. Onision Twitter

    The official Twitter of Onision. This site is now used for... well, not really much these days as yours untruly has a little problem with going on long rants that ultimately wind up with a feeling that lacks a sensation of accomplishment... lol.

    Whatever, do you enjoy it at least?

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  • Reviews

    • By Kaitlind · Posted
      First of all, he's one of the most attractive men I've ever seen lol. Second, I used to listen to some songs by BVB but I haven't listened to much of his new music. I watched American Satan too and he was great in that movie. Also back in the day he had a YouTube channel with a friend and they would make funny videos. Have you seen any of them?
    • By Onision · Posted
      Andy Biersack, I have met him personally and he is actually a pretty wonderful person based off pretty much everything I've seen. Great performer, really nice to people & one of the most gorgeous men on Earth. Yay.
    • By MotherUnicorn · Posted
      Love your sense of humor,  last week I almost got a heart******, great actor!!
    • By NHChicky · Posted
      Well Im a bit new to all this but I have hear ya name around alot and was curious...I think your artistic funny and interesting person! And its nice to meet ya 🙂 I wish ya well you your family and friends 🙂 And my real name is Lynn 🙂 Have a great day! 
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