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    I've been following Eugenia Cooney's content for a very long time. Brace yourselves, this review is going to be incredibly honest, that means no sugar-coating anything nor will there be an attempt to cause a spectacle. Just the truth. Eugenia Cooney is well-known to be an incredibly pleasant person, someone you could have a conversation with, and walk away feeling pretty good about it. Eugenia's videos are centered on outfits, video game playing and pop culture. There is a massive cloud hovering over Eugenia Cooney and her channel, and at this point it is a relatively undeniable force. Many people have come forward stating that Eugenia Cooney caused them, as a young person, to avoid eating food, sometimes to the extent where they will wind up in the hospital. Some people who came forward were aunts, some were sisters and most of the rest were people who had actually been hospitalized themselves. Individuals have claimed that Eugenia Cooney inspired people they knew to push it so far that they no longer could survive. Here's the reality check however, some people are not honest, not every person who says som*thing about Eugenia Cooney is necessarily telling the truth, however in an OnisionSpeaks stream that occurred May 2021, random people were polled live in front of the OnisionSpeaks audience, and half of them had admitted they themselves were impacted in a way that put their own lives at stake, if not at the very least their health and way of life. What it comes down to, is a question: If Eugenia Cooney has hundreds of thousands of people expressing that there is an issue, and hundreds if not thousands of people coming forward and stating that they were put in the hospital because of Eugenia Cooney's videos, who are we to condone it? Why do we allow the behavior expressed in those videos to continue? Eugenia is a person who is going through incredible hardship with her condition, however you have to ask yourself, should that condition not only cause her to struggle, but her countless fans as well? People like to reference the younger group of her fans, yet the reality is, adults can experience issues related to eating as well. This is not just an age-group matter, it is the entire community surrounding the videos that so many people have admitted caused them to directly create disruption in their own health/well-being. You might ask yourself: "And for what?" The videos Eugenia makes, try on haul videos? Those are made by numerous YouTubers. Gaming videos? Even more YouTubers make those as well. So what unique gift is Eugenia bringing to the YouTube community outside widespread cause for alarm in the numerous people pleading for her to get help while others wind up in hospital beds? A YouTuber who went through som*thing Eugenia continues to go through passed on. I mean this quite literally. A YouTuber who looked like they were in better condition health-wise, had the same condition as Eugenia, and they are no longer with the living. The condition claimed them, which makes this matter so incredibly real. Things got so bad at one point that Eugenia Cooney was confronted by Jaclyn Glenn and professionals took Eugenia away. Eugenia is the same as if not in worse shape than when she was originally detained. When Jaclyn confronted Eugenia, she had to make a recovery, but like many who go through what she has, she went right back to her old ways. She continued making videos causing more hospitalizations of her audience members, and no one in an official position seems to be batting an eye at it. All we at Onision.net can really say at this point is... we wish for the best. So many of us, especially Jaclyn Glenn, did what we could to get Eugenia Cooney help, we tried to educate her audience, but now, Eugenia remains the most health-disrupting channels on all of YouTube. No, OJ Simpson Tweeting is not going to impact anyone really, Kevin Spacey making movies again isn't really a cause for any alarm to pretty much anyone, those are just examples of media hype and disproportion in reaction. What's real, is the under-reaction people in positions of power have had to Eugenia Cooney. It's like focusing on how many people got bitten by a shark last year, and ignoring how many people passed on because of heart disease. The numbers are staggering, yet we only pay attention to the sharks, because while the shark incidents in the ocean are few, they're much more interesting than the slow process Eugenia fans and Eugenia Cooney herself are enduring as a result of numerous factors in their minds and in front of their eyes. To everyone reading, be well, take care of yourselves and each other and remember, it's not how you look, it's how you feel and what the doctor recommends - that is what matters. Anyone worth anything will not judge you for how you look, in fact, they'll love you more for who you are than what the scale says if they are truly meant for you.
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