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Let's share summer movies/serries

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So let's share our favorite movies and series to watch in the summer!

Is there a certain movie/series you watch every summer?
Also what type of summer movies/series do you prefer?
Are you a fan of horror or more of a comedy kind of person?
Or perhaps  do you prefer romance?

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I feel like it's been really difficult to find movies or series I haven't seen before, or haven't watched like a thousand times. I'm also always slightly annoyed by weekly shows (but it gives you som*thing to look forward to) I love horror, sci fi, comedies, dark comedies. Animated, comic related.

But tonight I watched som*thing called Game Night, which I was laughing so hard at due to cameos. (Dexter, Breaking bad.) Everything is all jumbled up in that movie. Characters feel real (maybe because I'm a millennial?) I thought I'd dislike it just like Ready or Not. But for a comedy/action film it was pretty good.

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