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1. My house is Slytherin 💚 

2. My patronus is a Black Mamba 🐍 

3. My favorite character is Neville Longbottom🗡️

4. My least favorite character is Gilderoy Lockhart 😒

5. The movie I liked the most is Prisoner Of Azkaban 🐺

6. It's been years now, but I did read the books... I actually have hardcover copies of them all 🖤

7. The wand I was given via Pottermore was a 13 3/4", hornbeam wood, with a unicorn hair core, slightly springy flexibility✨

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When I took the test in my 20s I got into Slytherin, but when I turned 30 I tested into Gryffindor. The test I'm talking about was about 100 questions discerning your personality. 

Grew up dressing up as Weasleys waiting for the midnight book releases. Order of the Phoenix is my favorite. The Epilogue is my least favorite.

Haven't seen all the movies yet (couldn't get into the new Dumbledor-- Richard Harris was perfect but he passed away), but Prisoner of Azkaban is super awesome, Gary Oldman does such a fine job portraying my favorite character, Sirius Black.

Not only was HP a great series, but it inspired so much awesome fan content.

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