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First horror movie you watched

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It was Freddie Krueger with Johnny Depp. I must have been very young but I wanted to see it and my mom advised not to, so obviously I did it anyway. I fell asleep though (the irony) and woke up when he’s killing someone. I was so scared 😂 I didn’t register what was going on at first because I was half asleep. Funny to me now and I have no regrets ❤️ The other is Jason, he scared me so badly that people would do the ch ch sound lol 

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The Shining!! 

the shining GIFThat was was next level stuff as a k*d! 

The movie It was another

And Cujo! 

I see a pattern here...

All hail the mighty Stephen King! Such a classic and STILL coming out with some good books/shows/movies too! 

A legend!

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This was on when I went on a caravan holiday with my parents when I was little. I can't remember how old I was, but I know my brother wasn't around yet so probably about 8. 

I was absolutely terrified of it, when I went to bed every slight noise the caravan was making freaked me out and I couldn't sleep all night, I think I cried aswell. 😅


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