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Your First Car


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7 hours ago, stevenenjoysmilk said:

Having only lived in the UK and China, I have literally never needed a car. I've never been in a situation when I can't just use public transport, or bike, or walk. USA is so much more spread out, so I know why Americans need a car, but I don't even have a license. 

Oh ok, interesting. It's good you don't need to use a car.

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1 hour ago, bones said:

Volvo S40, lol, two of them, since I totaled the first one after 7 days.

dump volvo GIF


S'ucks when that happens. You must really miss it. My mom had me driving a 1992 LS Mustang. It was a lemon, looked nice but ran like piece of crap. I hated it. It didn't always start. It had issues. Then the interior started falling apart. 

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