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Is religion a requirement for you?


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When dating and looking for a new partner. Will you go out with anyone or does it have to be someone who has the same religious values as you do?

I've dated plenty of Christian women. I was married to one for almost 12 years who later, 7 years into the marriage, gave me an ultimatum to convert back to being a Christian and go to her church or consider the marriage over. Which religions isn't what ended my marriage. 

Then there was this woman that I was really att**cted to. But when she asked if I was a Christian. I told the truth. I told her that I was a non believer of all deities and did not have a religion (Atheist). She said that was a deal breaker and that I'd just be a waste of her time and she went on to say how a man with Christian values is a REAL MAN to her. She wanted a man to take her church and raise her ch*ldren spiritually. 

So later on. It became apparent to me that I needed to see a woman who had no religious beliefs as I did. Because it obviously WAS a problem for most women who were. 

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For me it's not a requirement. I'm not going to refuse to date someone because they don't share the same beliefs as me and I wouldn't force my beliefs on them either. If I like someone, then I like them. I can't help who I fall for lol

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29 minutes ago, Onision said:

Anyway, yeah no, religious people are fun huh?

Depending on who it is, sure. I've had a few religious friends that didn't give a sh*it .Some I walked away from. But it has caused problems in my relationships in hindsight. In real life, I've had to keep my unpopular opinions and my passion for Atheism to myself. I've been backed into a corner to the point where I felt I had no choice but to charade as a Christian because my mother and ex wife gave me ultimatums. I never "could" keep up the act because of "praying", "kneeling", and in my opinion, "singing to a fictional deity", and "asking a deity that I don't believe exists for forgiveness for sins from an imaginary rule book that I don't believe I ever committed."  All of that is just aggravating to do. It's hard when you don't believe any of it exists. It's especially being married to someone who was a hypocrite about it. She wanted me to worship her imaginary friend while she cheated, lied, and walked out on our k*ids. 

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I don't mind either way; the only exception to that is if they try to shove their beliefs down my throat. Then we have a problem. I've also noticed that it is common for those who are religious to be patronising towards atheists and agnostics and feel they are morally superior to those individuals, but other than that, live and let live.

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4 minutes ago, Ghost said:

 I've also noticed that it is common for those who are religious to be patronising towards atheists and agnostics and feel they are morally superior to those individuals, but other than that, live and let live.

Yes. It's happened to me multiple times at my place of work. I live in a small town that has multiple churches and some of the people that go to these churches are crazy. Absolute nut jobs, some of them. 

There WAS a guy at work named Bobby and he’s a devout Christian. He quit and went on to work as a pastor at a Baptist church. But he acted like a 7th Day Adventist and it was just crazy superstitious talk from him. I literally couldn't stand him. 

For 2 days straight he asked me to go to church with him. I said no and that I didn’t believe in God or practice Christianity. He started to say that I was ignorant. I told him I didn’t appreciate him coming at me as a religious bigot or a zealot. He said that wasn’t what he meant.

He asked why I didn’t believe or what lead me to the conclusion of not believing. I told him that I believed it to be fictional and there wasn’t much evidence to support it. Of course, he said that I needed to go on faith. I said, faith isn’t good enough. No amount of belief makes som*thing a fact and I want evidence. He said the bible was evidence. I said no. I said that book was written by a bunch of religious fanatics who never took credit for their work.

He started preaching at me about how Jesus died for my sins. I told him that I believed Jesus was fictional too and that he needed to provide evidence for his claims. He argued that Jesus was real. So he preaches some more at me.

I stopped him mid sentence and I asked him how strong his beliefs were in the Christian faith. He said they were very strong. Then I used that to my advantage and stated that that is how strongly I don’t believe in Christianity or gods period. I told him that it was all fictional to me.

He insisted Jesus was real still. I said good, now go prove it.

He asked me if I believed in Heaven. I said no. I said I don’t believe in an afterlife. The only way that can be proven to oneself is to d*e and I even have my doubts that my consciousness will survive upon brain death.

He than went on to say that if you don’t believe in God or Jesus than you can’t be moral because the motive to do good isn’t there. I told him that was a load of crap. I follow the law like everyone else. My sister is a police and my step father before was in the military police. They have a huge obligation towards it.

He just smiled and laughed and didn’t say anything after that. Probably thinking that I’m stupid for not sharing his beliefs. Or perhaps he was thinking of som*thing else.

And there was a lot of complaints about him. Mostly about his religious bullsh*it standards. Jerry complained and then another guy named Brian who is non practicing. The word is that Bobby is a crazy religious idiot. All he does is preach his superstitions at people. I don’t like him. His beliefs annoy me. He’s just a silly Christian.

Brian said that Bobby came at him and asked him if he was “saved” and he said yes. Bobby then went on to ask “Saved by whom?” and of course Brian gave him the answer that most Christians probably would accept. But noooo. Not Bobby. Brian’s version of “God” was not Bobby’s version of “God” so he starts preaching at Brian lol. Pissed him off. Anyways, Brian walked out on him the worse that debate got.

Brian told me that Jerry won’t stay in the same room with Bobby. He got up walked out and went over to another building on the car lot that we work at.

Because Bobby cornered Jerry in the kitchen and wouldn’t let him leave and tried domineering his version of his God onto poor Jerry lol.

Evidently. The guys at work got a kick out of my petty debate with Bobby. Because I don’t believe or buy into his bullsh*it.

On his last day. He was preaching at a friend of mine. I walked in and said “Talking about your imaginary friends again?” and he just automatically looked upset. He just looked at me and said “What?” and I just smirked at him and said “You heard me.” and I just kept walking. He couldn’t win a religious debate with me if he tried. He can’t provide evidence of any kind. Stupid 27 year old boy. The rest of the day he just gave me this serious look. It wasn’t dirty. But I could tell he did not like me.

When I was a "Christian" when I lived with my mother and siblings. I saw that Christians or the Baptist group we were with judged the other denominations. Apparently if you weren't worshiping their "version of God" then you weren't worshipping the right "God". So I learned that the Catholics had their version, the Presbyterians had their "version", the Jehovah's Witness's definitely had a much different idea of who "God" was, so on and so forth. It's definitely NOT a united religion and the Christians like Bobby and Jerry just fight for their "version" of their imaginary deity. It's absurd. 

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No, I don’t think it should be a requirement at all. I can reason with the logic of wanting to be with someone who has the same spiritual ideas as you; however, it’s highly irrational to expect the people you date to share the same understanding. I would never, not in a million years, expect someone’s beliefs to align with my own.

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