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How is your family?

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Broken Heart Illustration GIF by Julie Winegard

My family I feel like was normal at one point… then I grew up, I changed things about life… it came to points where my mom and dad didn’t show up to see me graduate college. One wanted to golf, the other went to my step sisters graduation instead.

The day I wanted to end my life 3 years ago I called my dad. The first words out of his mouth were if I had a job. I told him I quit because my anxiety was so bad. He told me to stop throwing a pity party and to call him when I had a job.

When my ex beat me and I was homeless. My mom didn’t show up, my dad didn’t show up. My friend Emily saved my life. 

When my mom or brother are visiting town they don’t say hello or visit anymore. It’s like looking through glass and being on the other side just crying… 

I have nightmares of my dad… doing horrible things to me… and wonder if he ever took advantage of me…



I wasn’t suppose to be here… It’s just how my cards were dealt.

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