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Songs that lift you up when you're down


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I have a bad habit of listening to sad music a little too much when I'm feeling depressed. Sometimes it helps, but often I find I'm just wallowing in the sadness.

Because of that, I've started making myself listen to songs that break the spell and make me actually feel better. I'm hoping that you all will have some good picks. Here's some of mine:

A Lanky Swede. - Yellow Lights A really pretty song written as from a parent to a ch*ld. Really comforting to hear that sort of unconditional love.

Sky Sailing - A Little Opera Goes A Long Way A song about caring, about long-distance friendships and how important they can be. We all want to have a friend who will be there for us no matter what, and we all want to be that friend for them too.

Alexi Murdoch - Song For You A direct message of encouragement that makes even the worst problems feel small and conquerable.

I have more but I don't want to make anyone listen to an hour of music at once lol. Can't wait to hear your choices!

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I have 3 that come to mind first. I'm sure I have more but this is what I thought of first.

1. Wona - by Mumford & Sons, Babaa Maal, and The Very Best. Som*thing about the beat of this song just makes me happy. It's sort of a love song I guess. 

2. Fear - by Blue October. This song is about not letting things keep you down and to not give up. Absolute favorite song of mine.

3. What I Got - by Sublime. Don't laugh at me, but this song just makes me feel happy. It brings back some nostalgia, I rap sing along with all the lyrics, and hop around and I just feel better. 😆🤣


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