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  • Onision Intro By Onision

    I never knew I could find a guy as great as Onision Until I met anyone other than Onision Then I realized that Onision was kinda insane Yeah there's something not right with this guy Everyone around me, warned me not to watch Onision They said he'd brainwash me into loving Onision But all those people mysteriously disappeared now I don't remember what they said Onision's videos are the best in the world if every other entertainer was **** It's Onision, not OH-NEE-SHUN not ON
  • Vocoder Song (Auto-Tune) By Onision

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    Song is available to download for all IMMORTALS+ hope you love this classic Onision song about how talented I am not. Haha. To become an ELITE or IMMORTAL, subscribe here: Onision.net/subscriptions Watch the video:  

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