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  • Is Onision married?
    Yes, to a man named Kai.

    Is Onision vegan?
    Onision eats mostly vegetables, eggs, salmon & fruit.

    What does "Onision" mean?
    It means "One divine community" or "Japanese demon heaven" depending on how you break down the word.

    Where did Onision grow up?
    In Washington State, mostly in the city of Auburn.

    What Is Onision's age?
    Onision was born in 1985.

    How old is Onision's husband?
    Onision's husband was born in 1994.

    Is Onision a dad?
    Yes, Onision is a father.

    Who is Gregory Jackson?
    Gregory Jackson is the name Onision's mom had him go by in school.

    Is Onision dead?
    As of 5-14-2021 Onision remains alive.

    When was Onision married?
    Onision was married in 2012.

    Does Onision have siblings?
    Yes, two sisters plus a half-sister.

    Is Onision related to Shane Dawson?
    No, they are not blood related.

    What is Onision's stance on circumcision?
    Onision feels it is up to each individual to decide what they want for their own body.

    Why is Onision called onion boy?
    Many apps correct the word "Onision" to "onion" so the nickname came naturally.

    What is Onision's Instagram?
    That would be @OnisionPrime

    How tall is Onision?
    5 feet 11 inches

    What is Onision's name?

    What is Onision doing now?
    Onision is a video maker, music producer & adult model.

    Is Onision Canadian?
    No, Onision was born in the United States.

    What is Onision famous for?
    He is best known for his music video "I'm A Banana"

    How can I contact Onision?
    Use one of the methods listed on this web site.

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