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  2. I am really white. Like 97% European. Pretty meh.
  3. I had a dream someone that bullied me in high school invited me over to their house and was being really nice to me. The day I woke up from this dream I found out he slept with one of my teachers. Interesting timing considering I have not spoken to this person for over 5 years. Thanks brain.
  4. I think it's a lot more interesting for Americans to use, because their ancestry could be so massively varied. None of my Chinese friends have any interest because they pretty much all know what their family history is
  5. Have you used either? Did you find out anything cool you didn’t know before about your heritage? Do you have any stories to tell? It’s 1am, I can’t sleep and I’m bored, so I’m just making a random topic. 😂
  6. I hugged someone I do not like IRL. Awkward hug.
  7. Me too! So don't forget you have so many people who understand you and are with you in their thoughts!❤
  8. Oh no that’s not good. Do you need anything ?
  9. Hey, hi, hello, you can have an online Sundae pokes or hug. 🤗 It won't cure anything. But we all support you, you're doing great on your book, & sites, Sir. 🌟 Stars for you! & all the thanks!
  10. @Onision @Onision @Onision Said three times! 😂
  11. I take breaks from time to time. It's important to have friends or a community that you have a common interest with or various others. I'm fortunate to have about 2 or 3 of those. We're respectful to each other, and we stray from many things that can cause an argument. It's just as important to have each other's back. If something is done to another person that is very wrong, we come together for support. However, my last recent break somebody was very upset in my DMs. Though I did make it clear I was taking a break, and life was just something you can't control and that I would get back to them when I could. The last spammed message included "You haven't responded to me and I don't appreciate that at all!". 😬 So, if this sounds off, I am sorry but, no. I felt a major creepy vibe. I do not like blocking others, but I have learned that sometimes it is needed. It is also okay to take a break from anything or anyone if need be. Don't engage in arguments, but do say what is on your mind if you feel. If people give you a tough time, helpful block button, or take time away. This place has been a wonderful breath of fresh air & it still continues to be, here and other places. 💕
  12. Nice description but yeah, it’s like an everything in one site… lots of special content on the way…. I thinkzzzz
  13. I didn't know he was writing a book. For sure it may be interesting, especially of its about recent events.
  14. I think he is busy writing a new book
  15. where has onlision been as theres no videos that have been made recently/
  16. Oh you’re fine. I know how that is. ^^;; I too am a bad drinker too. Always cry so I stay sober at parties. Oof
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