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  2. Yknow what's really weird about the English language is that your nose runs but your feet smell. tf
  3. becuase I personally am here because, I watched onision years ago, was part of the fan club when that was a thing, I remember how funny his content was and still is. I also disagree with the allegations that are basically word vs word. and I also dislike cancel culture because you cant just ignore all the good things people do because someone said they did som*thing not ideal.
  4. Comparing English and Spanish can be funny dale can be someone’s name in English but in Spanish it’s slang for “go ahead!” Also sopa sounds like soap but it really means soup?? Strange to me lol
  5. I mean are you a fan of Onision? This is a forum to communicate with him and other people. It's like a fun little community.
  6. Just the way certain words are spelled. You know how you look at a word for a while and it starts to look weird?
  7. Like Onision said. I dont h**e my parents. My father especially after he disowned me. I'm deeply disappointed towards him. It's som*thing I've had to cope with most of my life.
  8. Playing instruments Being goofy Play fighting Long boarding Sunrises/sunsets The moon being out during the day time Adam Sandler movies Family guy Being productive Head pats Seeing classic cars Elegant amber & oud sent glade spray Hugs Hiking Painting my nails Wearing cozy slippers Exercise Hoodies Animals Amus*****nt parks Stuffies Iced coffee Vegetable egg rolls Seeing others happy -Are we at one hundred yet?-
  9. So the English language is weird... have you noticed? For instance, this means, "I'm fed up" or "I'm angry" = "I'm sick and tired..." But using the SAME words this means "I'm very ill" or "I'm really at a low point" = "I'm tired and sick..." Imagine explaining that to someone learning English... Anything you notice that's weird about our language.
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  11. Little yeah... I wonder if it will grow more... the total site memberships doubled over the last few days so that's... weird. In that hoard are a few great contributors so that's cool... people to talk to.
  12. Lol good one I would sit and talk bc what if I got paralyzed or som*thing. What if you could map out how you would like your life to go and travel ten years in the future or travel back ten years still knowing all you know currently?
  13. Depending on the situation. I’m not a vengeful person but yeah, depends. Like Danny said there are consequences for people’s actions in certain scenarios and how severe it was, is it a reoccurring thing, how affected am I, was it done purposely.
  14. I learned to not tell a lot of personal things about myself to the wrong person because they used What you told them against you and throw it in your face.
  15. I've learned that it's hard to trust people. I cant make friends at work. Most of my coworkers are there for their own self gain. Some in the past habe tried to get me fired. Not a good feeling.
  16. I’m the youngest of six my eldest living sibling is 40. Great relationship with my half brother he lives out of state or else we would be best friends. My sister I cut off a relationship with her after she thr***ened me, with som*thing I value more than life, in my own home. My closest brother we have an okay relationship now that we’re older. Civil terms definitely but not close. My two full siblings have inflated egos, think they are know it alls, misinterpret what I say a lot, talk over everyone. So when I do interact I’m very brief and tend to listen more. Hows the weather type of banter.
  17. I prefer Both but I never have a cat, I’m kinda scare to get a cat because I don’t want the cat to scratch my eye or arms.
  18. “If you want to know who someone is look at their friend group” I used to laugh at that but it’s so so true. I hung around not the greatest people bc I saw the good in them but it got me in situations and directed my life in a way I would not have chosen for myself. I guess I did choose to befriend them. I just think how I wanted so much for myself but felt that I had to settle and be a certain way bc we all came from s***t homes and only had each other. No one cared about us and we didn’t expect to live pass 18 by living fast and d***g young, so why even care. I guess another lesson is don’t give up before the race has even begun. Don’t let your past define how your future will be.
  19. I rescued a cat getting beat by the neighborhood boys. She was a siamese cat and named her princess. She was skittish but open with me, hid and basically lived in my parent’s room but she was happy like that. She had the cutest big derpy blue eyes. I’d sit brush, play and talk to her for hours. Had her for ten years. Another cat I rescued was a big ole fluffy cat, huge and furry like a Maine coon but breed unknown. He would follow my friends and I around as we walked in our neighborhood. Named him Hank. Was too cute to pass up so I took him in. Turned out Hank was a female lul and just named her Kitty. Had her for three years before she passed. Two dogs I had for ten years. A yorkie boy named Shelby I called Shelbert/ sherbet. A black female dachshund lab mix named Dixie. They were the goodest of doggos! Currently have a turtleshell female cat named LoveyDovie I’ve had for seven years now. I fear the day I wake up and she has moved on.. after I will get one dog then no more pets for me. They bring sm joy but i don’t know how I will handle the ending process.. I had moved out before my previous pets had passed. Oof.
  20. I think I should be learning that same lesson. I feel best when I know I’ve been helpful in som*thing, but it feeds into becoming useless to myself when it comes down to it.
  21. Procrastination. Nail biting when I'm nervous. Greed and not having better finance habits. All of which can be improved.
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