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We are fans of DC comics... yes, Leto Joker was not great, and Affleck Batman was messed up, but there's more to DC than a few bad actors... lol.
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  2. I feel I’d like to be both. In an ideal world, I would love to be invisible, read minds, time travel, and my villain aspects can be left to mystery - But I’d also like to be Tyler Durden. Both of him.
  3. Appreciation posting for WW here.. her theme song is just as awesome as she is
  4. Heros get cooler stats in the end, so I'd say hero. Great show, haha I love Harley Quinn! HAHA I feel you! I would have said villainy but I know myself too well XD [hero complex activate]
  5. I'd want to be a T-1000 and serve Skynet. Shape shifting and stabbing people through the eye would be entertaining. Seeing as the T-1000, canonically in James Cameron's timeline, was the closest thing that had the equivalent of human emotions and was the smartest machine Skynet ever designed. It mimicked humans perfectly. Too bad Skynet quit making them. They were too glitchy and unpredictable. Skynet thinks humanity should be wiped out and its been pretty indiscriminate about it. So sure. However if I were to really join Skynet. It'd have to make me a Hybrid Terminator like Marcus Wright or the T-3000 that was created by combining a human with machine phase matter.
  6. Villian for sure !!! always loved disney villians plus the dsrknside has cookies!
  7. I'd be a Hero, named Homelander... only I'd actually be nice.
  8. If you had to pick a to be a hero or villain, and if so what would your powers be to match your name.
  9. To explain that GIF, that is a super hero, kneeling before his son who he just pummeled, trying to explain to his son why the human species is irrelevant and why he should join forces with him, the man who just pummeled his son, the side of the "superior" species. Yeah, it's deep bro. I'll start a new topic to explain why he is the ultimate super hero.
  10. And all he had to do was 100 situps, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run everyday for 3 years I'm not sure if he'd beat him, maybe they'd hit at a draw
  11. Groot is the greatest ever, And Baby Groot is the cutest ever
  12. I know someone who could beat one punch man... the android from DC. Can learn anyone's ability. Also called Amazo.
  13. I like Quicksilver https://gfycat.com/wanfirstgharial
  14. Oh dude, for sure, they gave him incredible powers.
  15. Who do you think is the Coolest superhero? I think this dude is pretty cool: He's also insane though..... yeah...

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