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I've been loving Danganronpa at the moment, love its aesthetic and music. You're welcome to join even if you aren't a huge fan :)
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  2. Mine has always been Nagito Komaeda because he’s one of the oddest characters in that game franchise. He’s also a character that I empathize with.
  3. I don't have a favourite DGR 3 character either since I'm in the middle of playing the game, I just started and the main character is 'The Ultimate Pianist', I play the piano and I'm kinda biased loll
  4. Ooo good question! mine would have to be- leon because he is chill he really from danganronpa 1- basic from danganronpa 2 i'd say Hiyoko and im still in the midist of watching the 3rd one so don't got a danganronpa 3 favorite character!
  5. Welcome to the club haha You should play the game of this too, it's a visual novel type but I promise it is goodd and I prefer the voice actor in the games compared to the anime, it's really fun to try to solve the ******s while playing. Try your best to avoid spoilers because they are everywheree
  6. I guess I have to watch it now... I'm in the club haha. I play a game called Pixeljunk Monsters 2 and they had an add on with the theme of this anime.
  7. Mine is Nagito from the second game because he is mental

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