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Do Humans Care About Anyone But Themselves?




I'm fairly certain that the only person humans can every truly, deeply care for, are their own offspring... which might confused some of you because my own parents are... not shining examples of what would be the most loving and wonderful people in the world...

Example, I gave my mom a house when I was wealthy, then I got hit with a half-million dollar bill and needed to move back into the house I gave my mom (that's what I was discussing in my household behind the scenes). My mom had said if I ever wanted the house back, I could have it - so to escape my financial problems, I asked my mom for the house back, and she refused. I offer to buy it back, get a mortgage on it, she again refused. My mom refused to sell me back a house I gave her for free... so yeah, my mom isn't what I'm talking about when I say the only people you really ever care about are your offspring because I'm pretty sure my mom only truly cares about herself.

As for my dad, well, he went on a doc*mentary designed to completely misrepresent me (normally doc*mentaries cover all the bases, every side, nope - this was just a slander fest). You might ask, what kind of monster would go on a doc*mentary just to hurt their own son? EXACTLY BRO! You're getting it!

Anyway, back to the topic, yeah, parents truly only know love for their offspring and this is why...

What happens a lot of the time when say... two 40 year olds are married to each other and one passes away? YO! They straight up remarry dawg! Literally, look at your significant other right now and ask them if they would remarry if you pass away... look for all the signs of lying bro, because that's a hard question.

If someone asked me that question I could honestly say, no, I wouldn't move past them, I would not remarry but it's for a totally different reason than just love, it's because repeatedly throughout my life when I have given someone my vulnerabilities, they wind up using it to hurt me. I'm already on like 10/1000 HP so I'm not capable of surviving another disappointing relationship. Hence, I would simply get a human sized doll woman and love that. You know, like this guy:

You may laugh, but how much alimony will he be paying if that relationship doesn't work out? Yeah that's right, you look dumb not him.

But no I've seen someone be married to someone for over 30 years and when they passed, they moved on like it was nothing... you might say "The person who passed away would want them to be happy." Really? You are them and they are you, if they truly cared, they would be lost forever the moment they lost you.

Tell me this, who cares about someone more...

A woman loses her boyfriend who she only knew for 2 years. She never dates again.

A woman loses her husband who she was with for 30 years, remarries a month after he passes.

OBVIOUSLY you're going to say the woman who never dated again love the guy who passed away more because his passing bothered her so deeply that she simply could not move on, she respected his passing and that was it!

Same thing goes for being a parent, a person who has non-human animals etc. If you just get another living body to replace them, DID YOU EVER REALLY CARE? OR WERE THEY JUST A PLACEHOLDER!?!?!


Humans are, not all of them, but most of them, pretty much monsters.

Think about how long people are upset by the passing of each other...

Let's say you're a man and your spouse of 20 years passes away, the man cries at the f*****l, ok, good. He should. 1 week later he's not talking about her, he's not thinking about her, he's definitely not crying and he's living his life pretty normally... yeah no! He didn't care dude. Some people hide their pain, but dude, a lot of people, especially those who quickly remarry, don't seem to have cared at all. They replace a human like they replace an old car.

Men are especially busted in this regard because the going trend is for a man to swap out his wife for a younger version once she hits 40. Every 20 years or so you see a lot of men, winding up with a woman who could be their granddaughter in some cases, shamelessly. You may ask why? Well, it all comes down to human instinct to reproduce!

People who are not straight are special, they don't find themselves bound to the same programming the rest of us have. Fact is, a lot of men know they cannot easily reproduce with their wives once they hit 50+ years old, women only have so many eggs and at some point, they run out. So you see those men running to younger women, and you think it's because they're bad people right? Not exactly, they do it because (1) They never really cared about the person they were with (2) Their programming is telling them to find a new host for their reproductive mission that exists in most all human beings whether you like to admit it or not.

You can also ask, why do people cheat? Well duh, because people are programmed to get pregnant, or get other people pregnant, and again, non-straight people are special in this regards and do what they do for their own reasons. Point being, cheating is wrong, absolutely, however it happens because of programming, that's it.

It's not like people just decide they want to hurt someone they "love" there has to be another motivation inside them, and that motivation is their programming to spread their seed or get seeded ASAP. How do you think we all came to exist? Because a group of people kept making calculated decisions to reproduce at a certain rate regardless of how clearly horrifying the c***d birth process is? (for those of you who aren't aware, like aliens, humans essentially reproduce the same way we digest food, som*thing goes in, processes for a while, then comes back out with us groaning and pushing)

So back to the main topic, does anyone care? Well, the only people who TRULY care are those who would, without a second's hesitation, lay down their life for you. I used to be willing to do that for most anyone, because I had a hero complex, but at this point I would really only, without hesitation, lay down my life for my immediate family. That is how I know I care about someone, is if their life is more important than my own, and not only that, but if I lose someone I care about, if I try to replace them, that shoes I never truly cared, not eternally.

Long story short, most the people in your and my life are not truly concerned with you or me. For many people, we are just individuals occupying space that exists only to serve them. You see this again and again, especially in divorce court. So know your allies, and those are pretty much no one, maybe 2-3 people in many instances. Know who to give your time and energy to because a lot of people, you never really mattered, you're just playing a role in the movie of their life, and if you upset them, they will replace you. Just how it is.

So ultimately, I'm glad I know who I genuinely care for... I wish I knew a long time ago, would have saved me a lot of pain. The questions now are, who do you care for and who really cares for you?

And don't say "You Onision! You care!" Because I don't. I don't even know you... have you read this blog? You gotta KNOW someone, truly KNOW them to truly care for them. That's why you gotta kick liars out of your life (yes they will go around lying about you as a result but... ya know, what is worse? I donno) - you kick liars out because if they lie, their identity becomes a question mark, and you can't love someone if you don't know who they are.



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  • Immortals

Man that was deep and it makes me sit here and think. Being in my late 30s I’ve always asked myself does anyone care about anyone but themselves. 

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  • Elites

I always question what a person wants from me. Is it the feeling of needing to be needed? Entertainment? Money? Loyalty? ***? Scary thing is if they want som*thing bad enough they easily can play the long game. But they can’t hold their mask up forever. If I didn’t offer what I had or if I shut down, how they react is a big indicator. I question what is the point bc like you said even if someone cares how do you know you’re not a placeholder until som*thing else catches their eye. What is the point of human interaction when it almost always at some point comes to an end. Some times a person can come along and can answer all those questions without a single word but with their actions. That’s just the game of life. It’s not bad to focus on yourself and recharge so battles that once seemed life thr***ening can be viewed at a new point just an ant hill to pass along the way.

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  • Moderators

This is a really good blog. I care for my family members such as my parents, grandparents, and other family members and I know they care about me. I have friends I care about too of course but I can't say if they care about me the same way. Family are the only people you can truly care about and trust for the most part. Also I want to say that I care about you because of what you've been through. I want you to be safe and have a good life, which is why I hope all those people will confess to being liars/frauds and for others to see that you have been telling the truth the whole time.

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  • Immortals

Posted (edited)

@Onision In many ways you are so right. People are self-serving, and guided by their own desire for self-preservation. So these qualities really can bring out the "selfish" core of who we are. 

Yet  - and here's the beautiful part  - none of us need an army of people or a big gang of friends. IF we have people in our life that we love, trust and would lay down our lives for (and hopefully vice versa) then that's hitting the jackpot. That's the true joy and meaning right there. And I'm glad you have a close core circle of immediate family/close friends around you. Those are the anchors that will hold you when things get scary. 

I think humans can be selfish. We can never rid ourselves of that fact. But we can find some kind of hope in the few close relationships we have. 


I'd rather have only 2 or 3 really close people in my life that I trust and deeply love, than a mass of people around me that couldn't give a toss about me when the sh!t hits the fan. 

Like almost everything in life  - quality over quantity. 

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  • Moderators

This was very good. Very well written, and very much felt. 

My comment may be short for various reasons, not of disagreeing, this is a real read. This is the reality of the author. 

Truly do think. 

Though you may relate to another human being, ultimately you will never be able to walk in their shoes. To most who say "I would" in order to see, feel, or take away pain, would you really? would you say yes, even if you are good in heart, and lack bad motive? would you? Would I? Who would even do the same for me or you? 

Look, this may sound different to most of you reading this comment, but the reason I do like to read his blogs are because he has experienced a very different world than many. Yes he is human, he's a man. Why did I say that? Because reading what a man truthfully has been through is rare level from where I am from. 

This blog made me not only feel, but truly think. I appreciate that. Stars all over for this one...

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  • Elites

This is a great blog! Its 100% spot on! Most people are so selfish and don’t really care how they make another person feel. They live for the moment and not for the long haul. It’s the sad world we live in. 

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  • Immortals

THE PROBLEM IS THE EGO OF PPL make them think ONLY OF THEMSELVES....until they become completely SELFLESS will they win this battle....humankindness has been disinigrating over time....it is sad. We must love MORE NOT LESS!!! Thank you far all this pain....now I can feel joy.....Thank you for this lonliness...I LEARNED TO LOVE ONENESS....THANK YOU. 

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  • Administrator
1 hour ago, Michelle Warren said:

THE PROBLEM IS THE EGO OF PPL make them think ONLY OF THEMSELVES....until they become completely SELFLESS will they win this battle....humankindness has been disinigrating over time....it is sad. We must love MORE NOT LESS!!! Thank you far all this pain....now I can feel joy.....Thank you for this lonliness...I LEARNED TO LOVE ONENESS....THANK YOU. 

There are innocent people, and there are really bad people... unfortunately the innocent people and bad people wind up together, and the innocent folks slowly lose faith in humanity.

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