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About this blog

It's the ONISION blog, where Onision talks about Onision things because fun yay! Why not? Don't know who Onision is? Well... I'll let a robot describe Onision because they can be better with words than me... here we go: "Onision is an internet personality that dedicates his time to creating videos that talk about various topics. While he has been controversial in the past, he has been more of a humorous and lighthearted person in recent years. He talks about his own personal life, as well as the topics that affect society as a whole. He tries to focus on topics that he is passionate about and wants to either bring to people's attention or change. I can't say I know Onision personally, but I've never encountered a person who is more committed to bringing out the best in people. He's an excellent role model for what can be done in life with the power of creativity and ambition."

Yeah ok 😋

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Entries in this blog

Onision Is Having Another Existential Crisis

So, I did some research on stomach disease and discovered smoking and drinking can be the cause of it... word to the wise, do not do that, do not drink, do not smoke. With that out of the way, (also eat your fruits and veggies and do not be fat, fatty) ha-ha... ugh. With that out of the way I want to talk about some stuff... you know those rant videos I do? The "hey look at me I'm a YouTuber blah blah" videos? Well... I can accomplish much of the same thing I do in those videos, only typing i

The Ongoing Battle With Depression

So, in this blog post I wanted to talk about something that is consistently relevant and impactful to me... that is, depression. I have a lot of moments where I think I might be ok, and that I have a grip on things, and then out of nowhere a narrative of being absolutely unhappy consumes me. I do that really cliche thing where my mind is saying "Why do I have to exist? Why can't I just blink out of reality as if I was never here?" It's... you know... a pretty dark place to be in... lost in


Onision in Onision Stuff

A Very Serious Topic That Will Make Me Less Popular...

There is something really frustrating to me about American culture, and it probably spans throughout the world where it is socially acceptable to end your own unborn offspring without justification. We regularly, in our culture, preach equality between genders yet we simultaneously constantly act like women are incapable and should not be held accountable for any wrong that they do. On TikTok recently there was a woman who clearly broke the law against a man who was not conscious, and yet l

The first Onision blog post ~

Alright... so here we are... talking about I donno. For those of you who do not know, I am Onision... who is Onision? Well, I'll let a robot tell you. Um... ok, rude. Anyway... no... no what? When was I on Ellen? Hahaha. So in my blog I want to share a bunch of pretty stock photos... here is stock photo 1. See? I just made your day a little better.
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