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  • Loki Finally Has A Good Episode

       (Overall rating from this review)
    It's like watching a confused deconstructed mess slowly try to pick itself up and put itself back together... and to my surprise, the pieces are starting to fit, no matter how jagged and uncomfortable they seemed.

    The first episode review was rather critical of a woman who was very heavy set. The review was critical of her because it made no sense to put someone who looks like they have diabetes in a role of securing the timeline for all existence... additionally having the role of locating sup*rvillains and defeating them, again, all while looking like a K-Mart shopper. It was Hollywood pandering to the overwhelmingly fat America and I have no taste for it. It's a delusion, it makes no sense. Put people in the roles that they seem they are fit to fill, the practical roles, not what will simply make your audience feel better about their poor decisions. "See! I'm fat and she's a leading role!" She should have worked the desk, that would have made sense. A super-villain fighter should at least be able to do ONE PULL UP. And it hurts because I'm right.

    tom hiddleston loki GIF

    The "all-inclusive" Hollywood impracticality aside, Loki got really bad storyline wise, then somehow managed to redeem itself. I was getting really upset watching some random female Loki run around like Melissa Mccarthy (literally how she moves) creating trouble while stating she just wanted to end the evil rule of the time-keepers... who spoiler alert, so far, appear to have been puppet robots. Ok.

    I didn't like the Loki woman, she was unlikable, always frowning, really rude and is literally, like the normal Loki, a mass m*******r. So, you know, hard to root for, BUT after the most recent episode, it's very obvious that this woman cares about more than herself, she cares about the principal of this massive unknown power stealing her c***dhood and robbing her of what would be her normal life. Additionally, because Loki's tend to be narcissists, well, Loki is clearly falling in love with Loki, and that's cool but it leaves you screaming at the TV "Dude just put a baby in her already!" because they're going about it as if they're both 40 year old virgins and it's really frustrating... mind you they just might be middle-aged virgins so that could make sense. Additionally the two main characters may be batting with the morality of falling in love with the opposite gendered version of yourself, me personally, I say go for it, because society is full of numbskulls and they deserve to be mad.


    That aside it's also refreshing to see a woman of around the same age of the man be falling for each other... normally in Hollywood they'll pair a dude up with someone 20 years younger than them and it's hilarious because you're just cringing thinking about all the middle aged women out there downing whine while ranting in their heads about how men are monsters because they prefer women prime to produce c******n and not on their last leg (yeah reality hurts bro, a woman in her 20's is far more successful on average with defect-free c***d birth than a woman closer to her 40's)

    Animated GIF Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.19.42 PM.jpg

    That aside, if I were Loki I'd fall for this woman too, she's all tired and wrinkly looking at first, but then you get to know her and every wrinkle turns into som*thing beautiful, som*thing you couldn't appreciate on some dumb 20 som*thing year old with far less life experience. It would feel more comfortable being with someone closer to your age and who experienced a lot of things you have, likes a lot of the same things you do... but unfortunately in Loki's case, this woman is also not to be trusted, just like Loki... how would that relationship work out anyway?

    So the story goes, Loki is trapped by Owen Wilson, Owen Wilson slowly realizes he works for an evil company called the VMA, Video Music Awards (not literally but who cares) and because Owen Wilson can never be evil because he's amazing, he joins forces with Loki to fight the evil. Hot Loki Lady cuts off the head of one of the time-keepers and then zaps herself because guy Loki gets zapped and she really wants guy-Loki's seed swimming inside her ASAP because she's not getting any younger and who wouldn't want this man inside them?

    I Am Smart Tom Hiddleston GIF by Nerdist.com

    The Loki's meet up with other Loki's a bunch of cool stuff happens, like one Loki gets his hand ripped off and everyone falls in love with the new alligator Loki:

    Long story short, the story got really cool and pulled itself out of the episode 3 and 4 nightmare that it was becoming (you know, boring and generic).

    There were a lot of plot holes in the first few episodes, like why do the Avengers get to time travel but not Loki (and don't give me that "because they were supposed to garbage") why can Dr. Strange mess with time... in fact why is there even a time stone if the timeline is so sacred but hey, nobodies perfect right?

    Overall, I'm excited to see where this season is going, I'm hoping it leads to female Loki's belly swelling up with twins or som*thing, you know, because I love seeing a woman create gods from her divine physical form, it's cool.

    • - Alligator Loki
    • - Storyline got much more interesting
    • - Alternate dimension Loki's fighting each other
    • - Loki falling in love with female Loki
    • - The Loki's betraying each other constantly is hilarious
    • - Wal-mart shopper villain slayer chick should have been cast as a desk jockey.
    • - The main villain is poorly cast, really weak personality.
    • - Storyline doesn't add up, pretty much at all, but ok, sure, let's go with it.


    • Entertainment
    • Production Quality
    • Depth & Originality
    • Emotional Vibe

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    Alligator Loki. 🤣 True. I'm highly enjoying this show. I'm excited to see if someone who won't be named will show up, since they possibly connect to the new ant man. 💕 I'm liking it a lot. Nice review! 🌟

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    1 hour ago, brittniisundae said:

    Alligator Loki. 🤣 True. I'm highly enjoying this show. I'm excited to see if someone who won't be named will show up, since they possibly connect to the new ant man. 💕 I'm liking it a lot. Nice review! 🌟

    I saw that an Avenger was in the credits who has not shown his face yet... curious...

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    So...there will be a season 2 by the end of next year after what I'm guessing Dr Strange attempts to clean up this craziness (This one I'm excited for). At the end...well look out for another variant. It wasn't a satisfying ending to me...even though there was explanation. 😔 I did enjoy the show, but feel like 1 or 2 more episodes would have made it better. 😕

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